Fabian looked at Sienna sitting across from him.
He could not believe they had finally met.
He felt a sense of excitement for some reason.

“I didn’t know you were interested in magic.”

In fact, his being interested in magic was all a lie, it was just an excuse to meet her.
After seeing her face in the magic fountain, her image had been hovering around Fabian’s mind every now and then.

Was he in love? After days of agonising over the identity of the unfamiliar feelings, he could somewhat have a vague guess.

It was not love.
It was just a small interest.
How could he not be curious about the face which appeared in the magic fountain, which was destined to be his partner.

But this was a big change for Fabian.
Were he to talk to the vassals, they would invariably go wild with joy and urge him to proceed with a marriage right away.

But he did not want to act hastily.
He could not just pop the question out of the blue, it just bothered him.
But it was nothing similar he’s in love with her.

Above all, it was her feelings that mattered the most since there was no way to refuse if the Duke were to propose a marriage.
It was obvious that the Nelson family would push her to accept the proposal whether she wanted or not.

He hated the loveless political marriage that still applied to nobles prevalently.
Fabian just wanted to talk to her more.
But how could he meet her? He could visit the Marquis as a Duke, but there was a possibility that she might feel burdened.
In the end, Fabian asked his aide for help.

“What would you do when there is a woman you want to be close to?”

“I would pretend to bump into her by coincidence, that way, it would create a chance to associate with her.
By the way, do you happen to have a girl you like?”

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

Since then, Fabian had spent a certain amount of time every day wandering around where she could possibly pass by.
The first place on the heading list was The Square, which was the favourite destination for aristocratic ladies to visit, and was the easiest place to encounter her.

It was a reckless act, but it did not really matter because there would not be many people that recognise him anyway.
That being said, he stood guard as if he was going to work every day.

Waiting to meet her one day.

“But it’s really fascinating.
Me running into you like this.”

When they met again, she looked at him with soft eyes, just like before.
Even though he asked for a bothersome favour, she gladly accepted it.
Not to mention he was still disguised as a commoner now.

Fabian admired her inwardly.

“I didn’t expect the young miss of the Marquis household to agree to my selfish proposal.
A lowly person like me….”

“No, it’s not a big deal.
Don’t undermine your value like that.”

She truly had an amazing personality.
He had heard people praising the character of Count Moore’s daughter, but in his eyes, she was the kindest person of all.

His affectionate rate for her was gradually growing.


I went out today with my guard, Sir Bolt.

Today was the appointed date when I had to see George.
He asked for a meeting last time, so I guess it could not be helped then.

When I arrived at the teahouse, where we were supposed to meet, George recognised me from afar.

“Welcome, Lady Nelson.”

“Hello, Count.”

I sat down across from him with my bag on my thighs.
But George was rather quiet today, I thought he would bring it up right the second we settled down.

George was not looking at my face, his eyes traced downward.
Where was he looking? I called him with a frown.


“Oh, I’m sorry.
You…you did not wear the necklace I gave you.”

Oh what-do-you-know, he was looking at the necklace I was wearing.
George’s necklace had not been worn since Chloe’s salon.

It was indeed pretty, but wasn’t it still just George’s gift? I could not care less to console him, so I smiled back at him casually.

“That’s not the only necklace I have.”

“Well, anyway, recently I’ve picked out only the things that Lady Moore likes as Lady Nelson told me and sent them to her as gifts.
I don’t really know the reason why, but….”

Seeing George’s hesitation and uncertainty, I guessed Daisy only accepted the presents then packed them at some corner of her house.

“Other women, when I present them with gifts, they fall for it, why doesn’t it work the same with Lady Moore?”

“So you’re saying you have done it a lot with others too?”

So this was how he used to cheat on me in the past? He did not spare a single penny for his own wife, but splurged it on plenty of other women out there? I look at him with cold eyes as he waves his hands urgently.

“No! I mean…that’s how it used to be! But now the only one I’m in love with is Lady Moore.”

Daisy would never have the slightest bit of interest in him.
I wanted to say that in his face and quickly get up, but I could not.
Being with George only showered me with rage.

I pretended to hear his excuse and opened my mouth.

“I think you’ve sent enough gifts, so please do me a favour.
Marriage proposals sent to her are going back and forth anyway, so it doesn’t change anything even if we meet, right? Don’t ask me to meet you anymore and send Daisy a letter to meet up yourself.”

“No, Lady Moore said she is busy, so we cannot meet…”

“Then it wouldn’t be too bad to pretend to meet her by chance.”

Now, wasn’t it clear as daylight that Daisy refused because she did not want to meet him? Then, it left me no choice but to be a means of exchange between the two like this.
I then informed him of some of Daisy’s favorite restaurants and teahouses.

The following day was the day I decided to go to the library with Logan.
I met Logan on the same street as last time, the sky was clear and bright, it could not be a more perfect day for an outing.
I was thinking it would be nice walking together from here to the library. 

“Do you go to the library often, miss?”

“I prefer bookstores to libraries, I enjoy buying books.”

In this life, I could not believe I was sharing such personal stuff with the Duke himself.
Despite being reticent, Logan was not as quiet as I thought.
We set off for the library while having a little chat.

At that moment, I heard a very familiar voice from behind me.

“Oh my God, who is this? Isn’t it Sienna?”

No way, this sweet and hypocritical voice? Startled, I looked back.


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