After we went to see the fountain of magic last night, the Duke decided to leave the castle immediately the next morning.

I, Daisy, and Grandma were standing at the front of the castle's door to see him off.

“Thank you for everything, Madame and ladies,” Logan said after taking the reins from the footman.

“Logan, if you ever come to the capital, contact me.
I'll treat you to a sumptuous meal you've never seen before.” Daisy said with a deceptively sweet tone.

Although it might sound like consideration for Logan, I could tell that she was looking down on him in secret.

I'll treat you to a meal you've never had before, isn't that what you're trying to say? How could I ever think Daisy was such an angel when I heard of this back then?

I glanced at Daisy with a wistful eye before turning to asked Logan.
“Now that we are acquainted, will we see each other again?”

“We shall.
If the Goddess of Fate guides us, then it will certainly happen.”

Fate? Logan seemed to have been engrossed with that word and put a special meaning to it.
On the surface, he looked like a cold-hearted person, and I thought he didn't care so much about it.

Thinking that I really had a wrong impression of him, I let out a chuckle unknowingly, which prompted Logan to stare at me, and our eyes met.
Deep red eyes seemed to pierce through me, which froze me in place.
I don't know if I appeared rather pathetic right now, but fortunately, I quickly regained my bearing.

I was profoundly embarrassed, but I immediately adopted a lofty calm expression.

Of course.
Then please take care of yourself.”

“Thank you.” He gave me a curt nod before releasing his gaze and turning to address my grandmother.
“And, Madame, I don't know how to thank you for lending me this much…..”

He gave a troubled look while holding the reins.
It was because Grandma turned down Logan's offer to pay for everything.
Looking at him slightly embarrassed, Grandma burst into laughter and waved her hands.

“It's alright.
If you come back later, you can return it.”

It was said casually, but in truth, it was just like giving it to him.
Recognizing the intention, Logan stood for a long time with a bit of uncertainty before bowing to us.

“I'll be going now.” Logan took a last look at me that lingered for half a beat too long before mounting his horse and left.

Did I seem rude a while ago? I should hope not.

We wave farewells to him.
Grandma went inside first, and Daisy and I remained standing at the entrance, watching his departure.
Now when you go to the capital, I will await your invitation in the name of Duke Harrison.

I hope he wouldn't invite Daisy this time.
Since Logan already knew that she didn't save him and was even rude, there would be no reason to invite her anymore.

“I'm a bit disappointed.
We haven't even had a proper conversation.”

Daisy buried her face on my shoulder as I was about to turn around and go inside.
I clicked my tongue inwardly— not this again.
Even though I was twisting and turning my body, giving her a hint, she wouldn't fall off my shoulder at all, let alone take the hint.
I sighed.

“Are you sorry?”

You'll never see such a wonderful man again.”

Then why were you so rude? The past Daisy pretended not to do so but secretly looked down on Logan.
And when she knew he was a Duke, she was fraught with panic and somewhat regretted her brash behavior.
Now you'll be surprised again, paled even, once you know Logan's true identity.

Two days later, after bidding a sad farewell to Grandma, we got on the carriage heading back towards the capital.
It was an earlier start than in the past.

What should I do with the remaining days with Daisy when I already accomplished my goal in Marquisate? Of course, there would be none.
I had enough interaction with this two-faced wretch.

As the carriage rattled off, Daisy kept talking to me while I remained quiet.

“When we get back, Viscount Watson's daughter is going to introduce me to her fiance.
Why don't you come with me?”

Daisy must have sensed that my attitude was different from before.
No matter how you struggle, I wouldn't be the same anymore.

Daisy is my 'only friend' as she says.
Viscount Watson's daughter was only befriending me because I was able to maintain a close gap with Daisy.
She was a pretentious girl, just like Daisy.

If we refuse Daisy now, we'll get away from her.
I declined without regret and then threw a remark.

“More than that, I wonder about your fiance.”

Daisy leaned back on the seat, shaking her head.
“I haven't had a formal engagement yet, so he's really not my official fiance.
We are not at that stage to introduce him to you.”

I see.
I was hoping Daisy would marry Count Page in this lifetime.
Perhaps marrying Daisy won't end the Count's lineage, but…
considering the Count's appearance, would Daisy accept him?


* * *

It wasn't until two days later that I arrived at the Nelson Manor.

However, is there something wrong? My father summoned me as soon as I entered my room.
I asked Nancy, who came to deliver the message.

“Who is the visitor?”

“I'm not sure, Miss.
I only saw his back, and it was a young man next to the Master.” Nancy said with dreamy eyes and was shrilling in a hushed voice.

Nancy was as excited as I could be.
Is Logan already here? I don't think it's the right time yet.

Then I was convinced.
Some details don't happen exactly as in the past, so unlike before, he might have to get in touch sooner than expected.

By the way, did he come in person? He had only sent an invitation in my previous life.

Head flooded with questions, I opened the door to the drawing-room where he and my father would be.


What is this? Why?

I stopped short at the sight awaited me when I entered the parlor.
The man who appeared sitting across father was someone I never expected to meet here today.

Oblivious to the shock that held me rooted to the floor, my father laughed and addressed me.

“Sienna, say hello to Count Page.”

NO! Why is he here?!

A few seconds of silence passed.
I stared at the face of my ex-husband, George, with silent disdain.
It was as if I stood like a pillar amidst the storm.
Contrary to my stiff posture, my brain was whirling with many thoughts.

Why is he here? George has nothing to do with me now.
Did Daisy mention me to him? Is this about my engagement? This scene never occurred in my previous life.

Oh, no.
I pulled up my schedule and came back earlier, so I wouldn't know what happen on this day here in the manor.

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