e season is autumn.
It was the first time that autumn had become so terrifying.

[On that clear autumn day when Grand Duke Shiraz razed Lord Willinger’s castle, the sky was filled with crows.
It was transformed into a massive tomb.]

This verse from the original story flashed through my mind as if I was struck by lightning.

That foolish Lord ignored the advice of the remaining smart servants and finally got the retribution.

The day Grand Duke Shiraz learns that the Lord has sent General Marcus a letter of allegiance is the day of the castle’s memorial service.

‘This is not the time to be lost in thought.’

Realizing that I didn’t have much time left, I returned to my room.

I estimated how long it would take for the Lord’s letter to reach General Marcus’ camp and Grand Duke Shiraz to find out about it.

‘I must run away before Grand Duke Shiraz found out.’

A few days later, a party was held to celebrate the Lord’s birthday in this castle.

The day when people were crowded and everyone strumbled in drunkenness was my chance.

* * *

Rumors circulated throughout the small village that Grand Duke Shiraz Rudkaev would be passing through.

There was no sound of breathing, and every door was closed and locked.
People hid so that the Grand Duke couldn’t see their hair, hoping that his army would pass through this village safely and quickly.

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A demon who assassinated his uncle, the Emperor, and terrorized the empire.
Bloody killer.

Horrible rumors about him turned him into a monster layer by layer, spreading like wildfire across the continent.

As if to confirm the rumor, not a single ant could be seen where the Black Lion’s army passed.

Even if the military did not control the crowds, people would shrug in order to survive.

Ttagag, ttagag.

An army moving slowly like a black river.

Even as the army passed by with no end in sight, not a single muffled chatter could be heard.

The dignity of the disciplined army even raised awe.

“Your Excellency.”

Knight Commander Mikhail, who rushed to the horse, bowed his head to the Grand Duke.

“I have something to show you.”

Grand Duke Shiraz looked down at what Knight Commander Mikhail had put out with a relaxed expression.

His aide Huey, who was riding alongside the Grand Duke, watched the scene.

“I caught a suspicious guy passing around this town and he had this.”

A letter sealed with a red seal.

“It’s the Willinger family crest.”

He ripped open the letter without hesitation.

As he read through the letter, his golden eyelashes cast a shadow over his sculptural face.

Platinum blonde hair fluttering brilliantly in the sunlight and his tall figure sitting on a horse with his back straight caught everyone’s attention.


Grand Duke Shiraz’s eyes became cold after reading the letter calmly.

‘What’s going on?’

Huey sensed the Grand Duke was unhappy, and the back of his neck stiffened from tension.

“Willinger made fun of me.
That rat-like bastard.”

“Your Grace.
Is he going to Marcus?”

Huey asked, guessing the contents of the letter.

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Huey clicked his tongue as he wondered why Lord Willinger had done such a foolish thing.

He knew Willinger was deceitful, but he still thought Willinger had a worldly way of doing things.
Huey thought Willinger was finally going to die.

“Turn around.”

Grand Duke Shiraz gave a twisted smile as he crumpled the letter in his hand.

“I’ll have to send Willinger’s head to Marcus.
If he wants to go there so badly, I have to grant his wish.”

The smell of blood already wafted from the breeze passing through the army.

* * *

The castle has been busy for several days.

Because it was a gathering place for all of the Lord’s external guests and relatives, the Lord, who enjoys showing off, ordered a grand banquet.

I secretly smiled when I saw him like that.

‘That’s right.
You don’t have much time left to live, so enjoy it to the fullest and go without regrets.’

While I was afraid that the birthday of the Lord would come, I only hoped that that day would come sooner.

Because I was finally able to escape from this damn place.

To accomplish this, the plan had to be completely checked.

I concentrated all of my attention on what I needed to do that day.

It was a delightful day the day before the Lord’s birthday.

I got up at the usual time, dressed neatly, and sat on the dressing table.

“I brought your meal.”

Rosaline, the maid, placed the meal on the table with a disrespectful touch, as she always did.

Originally, the Lord’s wife eats breakfast face to face with the Lord in the dining room.

But the real red-haired mistress had taken her place.
As a result, I had to eat the cold food alone.

Of course, it was better for me.

If I eat while looking at their faces, I’ll get indigestion and the food won’t go down.

Rosaline, who had to carry my meals every day, had a grumpy expression on her face this morning.

Without hesitation, I said as I combed my hair.

“I’ll have a look around to see if it’s ready to welcome guests.”

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