I felt sick when I remembered the Lord’s slick face.

After much deliberation, I arrived at the stable.

The maid who followed started to complain again.

“There is no need for madam to take care of such lowly things.

I was amused and snorted inwardly.
Even though she’s a maid herself, she called the others lowly.

“I do it because I want to.
If you are the Lord’s person, you are also mine.”

“Ahh, that’s why the people of the castle look down on madam even more.
You just need to embroider in the room and do flower arrangements, no need to go to such a dirty place.”

When her husband, a gardener, fell from a tree a few days ago, she wept pitifully.
I couldn’t believe how different she was.

I hurried into the stable keeper’s hut because I didn’t want to hear any more of her nagging.


As soon as I opened the door, a suffocating stench came over me.


The maid who had followed in was fed up and ran out again.

Outside, there was the sound of squealing and groaning.

I wanted to follow her, but I held my breath and acted like Garnett Willinger.

If it had been Garnett in this situation, she would have prioritized the patient over the smell.

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She learned medicine by helping her father since she was young, and her personality was orphaned as well.

I forgot Garnett was an extra the more I got to know her, and I wondered if I had possessed the body of a woman who was too great.

It was sad how such a woman met such a wicked and rotted Lord in the castle.

“Bring warm water and a clean cloth.
Bring the medicine box from my room.”

“Yes, yes!”

The maid thought it was a good idea to go and ran away from the stable as soon as I finished speaking.

I couldn’t even reprimand her attitude at this moment.

Only me and the stable keeper remained in the stable.

I began opening the hut’s windows one by one in order to ventilate the murky air.

‘Good thing I came.’

As I opened the window, I looked around the stables thoroughly.

There weren’t many chances to look around without being aware of other people’s gaze.

Garnett knows how to practice medicine and has been caring for the people of the castle for some time, so it appeared to be advantageous in this way.

Because I could look around the castle while caring for the patient without drawing suspicion.

In order to escape later, I need to be able to draw a map of the castle in my head.

There would be no problems in the event of an emergency.


The stable keeper let out a painful moan.

I went to the bed he was lying on and inspected the wounds.

I could smell the stinky smell up close, but my eyes were naturally frowned due to the ruined ankle.

There was blood and pus on his left ankle, but it wasn’t severe enough to necessitate amputation.

“How did this happen?”

I took a clean towel and began wiping away the pus that had oozed out.

“I set a boar trap and then it blew my ankle.”

“You’re caught in your own trap.”

“It’s kind of like that.

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Even in this situation, he laughed.

“Fortunately, your ankle didn’t cut off.
But you will have to lie down for a while.”

“I’m glad I still have a son.
He will do his part for me.”

“That’s a relief.”

“Not because he’s my son…”

Even though his legs were rotting, the stable keeper began to brag about his son.

If it was his son, I knew him better than anyone.

To some extent, he has a black wart on his butt, his preferred bed posture, and the type of beast-like groan he makes.

I didn’t want to know, and I didn’t want to hear it, but I had to hear it and the maids giggling about it every day.

I couldn’t tell if they were talking without realizing I could hear the whispering outside the bedroom, or if they were talking indiscriminately because they didn’t even acknowledge that I was the Lord’s wife, but the maids kept talking about vulgar things.

So semi-forced I had to hear about his son.

‘Do you know what a promiscuous maid killer your son is?’

Instead of asking that, I asked what I really wanted to know.

“Did you set a boar trap because the horse was interrupted?”

“That’s the reason.
But rather than that, they’re going to come with a nasty disease and pass it on to the horses.”

“It’s a bad disease.
Did a lot of horses die from the disease?”

I had a hard time cleaning up the horse body for a while.”

“That’s what happened.
But why have I never seen dead horses come out of the castle?”

He didn’t think it strange at all that I was asking half-heartedly while calmly treating the wound.

That’s because there’s another road leading out of the castle.
Behind this stable is a path into the woods.”

Hearing his words, I quietly raised my gaze and looked out the window.

“I knew there was a forest, but I didn’t know it was connected outside the castle.”

“Ha ha ha.
There are surprisingly many people who don’t know that.”

The quiet forest shook as the wind blew.
The sound of the leaves crashing echoed in a lonely way.

It was a secluded forest where no one was around.

Oh my gosh.
It was a good way to run away.

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