br>It looked like they were haunted by something.


Eventually, we entered the centre of Lackton street, where various criminal activities occurred and where crimes were planned and executed.


How long had it been? Bernard stopped for a moment.
Because of that, I slammed into his broad back.




“It's coming.”


“What? What is it? Is it dangerous?”




Bernard contemplatively looked around the alley.


Because of that, I also scanned the streets, but there was nothing particularly strange.


A few people trodded along the fence.
Nothing unusual was going on, other than the people haggling by the street vendors at one side.




“Ah! Please stand in the corner of the wall over there for a moment.
Don't move and wait until I get back.”




“I was in a hurry to leave.
I'm sorry.
I took my medicine too late today.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Please don't move.”


“What…? That's…
Oh, what? Is that it?”


Before I could finish my words, Bernard put me and his axe in the corner of the wall and ran to the building behind it without looking back.


It amazed me.


How did he become a general with that body? It was a mystery.


Fortunately, I was able to settle in an unnoticeable spot, so I wasn't worried.


‘Settle’ was an inaccurate word.
I just sank down in the corner.


Instead, as I was waiting for Bernard, thinking about how I should make fun of this, I heard a dull sound on the other side of the wall.


What was that?


I didn't want to pay it attention, but the dull thumping noise kept coming and echoed in my ears.


It was definitely a fight.
There was violence as well.

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Should I take a little look while Bernard was gone? The most interesting things in the world to watch were fire and fights.


I leaned against the opposite wall and crept closer to the top and poked my head out.


Unsurprisingly, there was a scuffle going on.
It was a one-to-many fight.
In this situation one person was beaten up at random by a group of people.


“Tsk, tsk.
How did you get caught by these people? Poor guy.”


I quietly muttered to myself and watched the man in a black cape fall to the ground and get kicked.


I literally just watched.
I never thought of helping.


What could I do to help? With this overweight body, and being a woman? It was just a pity, so I only offered my internal moral support.


He's quite well built, and I think he'll be pretty tall when he stands up, but why is he being hit…? There's only three people beating him up…
Does he just look strong? Well, there's quite a few men who look good on the outside, but possess a weak will.”


I was talking to myself.
Perhaps, if the next thing hadn't happened, I'd be watching more excitedly.


But what was it with this wall?


tuk tuk…
tuk tuk.


“Ah! Uh…
Oh no!”


The wall that supported my body collapsed in an instant.


That's ridiculous.
Son of a…!


I struggled with my big butt in the air, moaning and groaning, and got up amidst the crumbled wall.


It was clear that my sides and forearms were sore and the skin was scratched.




As I turned my neck around to make sure it wasn't sprained, I noticed the people staring at me in shock.


I forgot about it because of this ridiculous situation.
The current situation.


Damn it, I'm fucked.




“What's with that boar?”


I know right.
What kind of wild boar suddenly breaks through the wall? Haha.”


“Oh! Oh! That pig.
Are you just leaving?”


I was leaving.
I quietly turned around, pretending to be fine, and walked through the rubble.




I didn't look back.

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“Hey! You there!”


I pretended not to hear it.


“You can hear everything! The boar over there!”


What a bunch! A boar! They're full of shit!


But I continued and didn't look back.


“If I catch you, I won't let you go because you're a woman.
No, because you're a pig!”


“Haha, he said ‘pig’.
Dottie is a good speaker!”


“Stop, now!”


I stopped.


Ten minutes.
It had been ten minutes since Bernard left.


Bernard, that bastard, was still busy and didn't intend to come.


I took a deep breath, made my face as solemn as I could, and turned around.


“I unintentionally interrupted you.
Continue what you were doing.”


“What are you saying?”


'Continue what you were doing.' This pig is crazy.”


I could hear something snapping inside me, but I ignored it.


The people who had approached at the sound of the collapsing wall, looked at the men standing in front of me.
Then they became contemplative and disappeared, holding their tongues and pretending they hadn't seen them.


“Oh my…
I messed up.
They're members of the Lackton gang.
Tsk tsk.”


I tried to turn around once more.


“I told you to stop.”


Come on.
Why wasn't he coming? He shits too much!


When I faced them again and looked at them, the three scoundrels snapped their fingers at me, letting out the kind of mean laughter typical of thugs.


I was more than ten steps removed from them.


The man who had been knocked down by them lay motionlessly against the wall.


Is that what I'll look like in ten minutes? No, I couldn’t.
I couldn’t end up like that.


Swallowing, I put on my hood and took three steps forward.


I was terrified by this beggar-like situation, but I didn't show it.


80% of the struggle is finding the courage to start.

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