Filina stopped in her place, unable to go any further, looking only at Cecilia’s back to her.

Then the door to the banquet hall opened and a loud trumpet sound rang out.

“Crown Prince Ian of the Alvar Empire and Princess Hestia are entering!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to one side.
Ian and Hestia were entering the venue with their arms crossed.
Behind them, the swordsman cadets guarded either side.

Hestia, who looked around with a sullen face, noticed Filina with her head bowed and her eyes twinkled.

Filina greeted her with a slight smile as their gazes suddenly met.
Hestia also replied with a small smile.

Ian, who was drawing a habitual smile on his lips, followed Hestia’s gaze indifferently.
Next to the white circular pillar, Filina was seen standing among the people.

When her eyes met Ian, she quietly lowered her gaze, unlike what she had done to Hestia.

Ian stared at Filina with an expressionless face, and then he turned and looked straight ahead again.

 Soon afterwards, the martial arts performance of the military academy seniors began to celebrate the coming-of-age ceremony of the Crown Prince.
The other cadets comfortably enjoyed the party as well.

“Sir Filina, congratulations on your coming of age.”

Bessie came up to her and handed her a glass of champagne.

“Thank you, Sir Bessie.”

Filina smiled and took the offered glass.

“Where did you get the champagne? I don’t think I’ve seen it.”

It’s been a while since she had had a drink, so it was nice.

It had a stronger fruity scent, so it was difficult to call it alcohol.

Bessie pointed her finger at the entrance to the banquet hall door.

“It’s right there.”

As she said, there were several glasses of champagne lying on the tables by the entrance.

Filina said, taking a sip of her champagne .

“I’ll have another drink later.”

Bessie laughed at her words.

Drink a lot of it to celebrate your big day.”

Filina nodded her head and waved her champagne glass once in the air.

She didn’t think she would get drunk anyway, as there wasn’t much alcohol in it.

Until she was possessed by a book, she drank her alcohol like water, so champagne was only her drink.

After the military academy’s martial art performance was over, Ian stood in the center of the hall and congratulated the coming-of-age people.

Then a beautiful piano performance came out, and the dance party began.

Men in fancy suits encourage graceful women to dance.
Among those walking into the center of the hall were Bruno and Ariel.

Filina moved to another place, avoiding the men trying to approach her.
Behind her, Enoch quietly followed.

“Lady Debussy.”

Hestia came up to Filina and spoke to her.

“I see the Princess.”

Hestia, who nodded her head at her greeting, grabbed Filina’s hand and said.

“I heard that Lady Debussy entered the swordsmanship academy.”

At Hestia’s voice, Filina raised the corners of her lips awkwardly.

Every time people talked to her, the words they said were the same.
If it had been someone else, she would have looked openly bored, but now she was talking to the Princess of the Alvar Empire.

“Yes, I am now enrolled in the school.”

When Filina answered in a polite voice, Hestia said with a bright smile.

“Lady Debussy is always someone who completely goes beyond my ideas.
How did you come up with the idea of ​​entering the swordsmanship academy?”

“I just wanted to learn swordsmanship,” Filina answered.

It’s not that simple to answer.
How much trouble did you have to make your wish come true?”

Hestia continued, folding her eyes beautifully.

 “It probably took a lot of courage.

Filina only smiled quietly.
In fact, contrary to Hestia’s words, great courage was not required.
It was just practice.
Sometimes grandiose thoughts hold one’s ankle.
The simpler the idea, the more courage grows on its own.
She didn’t take courage to challenge something, she just challenged and experienced it.

 “I sincerely hope that everything you want will come true on your debut.” 

Hestia left at the end of the sentence.
There were many eyes that doggedly chased after her.
Hestia looked for a deserted seat as if she were familiar with such a gaze.
Filina also tried to move her feet to a corner.
Then she happened to meet Cecilia, who was crossing the center of the hall. 

When her eyes met Filina, her shoulders trembled, and she hurriedly took a step in the other direction.

Now Cecilia was deliberately avoiding Filina.

The reason was unknown, but it was Filina who would be at a loss if she had already fallen out with the heroine.

Perhaps she was more mature, so it was good to keep any positive thoughts.

Filina told Enoch, who was following her, not to follow her because she had something to talk about with Cecilia, and she took her steps alone. 

Cecilia was moving her feet out of the banquet hall.

Soon the day was setting, and the dark night sky was cast.

Cecilia stopped her steps and slowly turned her back, as she knew Filina had been following her.

The green grass behind her swayed in the wind.
The thick scent of the roses, which flew from time to time, pierced the tip of her nose.

There was a beautiful crescent moon in the night sky with countless stars.

Now she was standing in a rose garden full of red flowers.


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