as Ian, the Crown Prince.

For some time now, Ian has been visiting Filina regularly.
The place he requested to meet changed every time, and today was Weaver’s office.

Although this fact was not well known among the cadets, it was difficult to avoid Lawrence, Carmen, and Weaver, who greeted him every time.

Filina looked at Carmen with a dry face, then drew a simple smile.

“What the deputy commander just said, I won’t miss a single word, and I’ll deliver it to the Crown Prince.”

At her words, Carmen wrinkled his face grimly.
But Filina spoke calmly without a care in the world.

“So you meant that the Crown Prince, who has a fiancée, is not behaving properly because he’s meeting another woman?”

“…it looks like you’re deaf.
I did not say that about His Highness, but about Sir Debussy.”

“Is it possible? Nothing that deputy commander Carmen just said has anything to do with me.”

Filina said with a clever expression on her face, and Carmen snorted at her.
As Filina knocked on Weaver’s office, she turned her head to look at Carmen leisurely.

“Our noble Crown Prince Ian has a very grumpy personality and will not show mercy.
I wish you good luck.
Respected deputy commander Carmen.”

When she heard Ian’s voice telling her to come in from inside Weaver’s office, Filina immediately opened the door and disappeared inside.

Only the sound of her opening and closing the door spread through the quiet space.

Carmen, who was staring fiercely at Filina’s empty place, slammed his fist on the desk.

A black band was draped over his hand as he held it.
There was an X-shaped mark that was slightly reflected on the side. 


“Who has a grumpy personality?”

Ian, who was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the office, asked in a low voice with his legs crossed.

After closing the door, Filina approached him and said her respectful greetings.

“I see the little sun of the empire.”

“……So, who is being mean?”

At Ian’s voice, Filina raised her gaze.

“Did you hear the conversation?”

In response to her small voice, Ian gently raised his lips in response.

“If you dared to say something like that in front of the door, would I need to listen on purpose?”

“You are misunderstood.”

Filina said with a bright smile.
Then, Ian looked at her with an absurd laugh.

“Sit first.”

As he said, pointing to the seat across from him, Filina slowly moved over and sat down on the sofa.

“Is tomorrow the promotion test for freshmen?”

Ian asked, bringing the teacup to his lips.


Filina gave a formal answer and looked at the two teacups on the table.

Who brought it?

Filina raised her gaze and glanced at the escort knight standing behind Ian.

There’s no way that person got the tea….

It’s only Carmen outside, so maybe he brought it?

A small laugh escaped Filina’s lips as she imagined Carmen making tea.

With that dissatisfied face, it would have been quite interesting to watch him angrily prepare the tea.

“Do you have anything to ask me for?”

At Ian’s soft voice, Filina wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and looked at him.

“What kind of favor are you talking about?”

When Filina asked with a puzzled face, Ian wrinkled hid expression.

“Are you really clueless, or are you pretending you don’t know?”

 “Of course I’m asking because I don’t know.”

Ian sighed at her bewildered voice.


His beautiful golden eyes stared straight at Filina.

“I am the Crown Prince.
No matter how great the swordsmanship academy is, with one order from me now, it can be shut down without a hitch.”

At Ian’s elaborate voice, Filina just looked at him quietly.
Ian drew a charming smile and opened his mouth once more.

“Likewise, just one word from me, I can decide your promotions as you please.”

He added his words with an arrogant face.

“You don’t even have to take the exam hard.”

Then Filina smiled slightly as she took her teacup from the table into her hand.

“It’s a great benefit.”

It was an indifferent voice, as if talking to someone else.
Ian frowned and opened his mouth.

“I can give you that great benefit, Filina.”

“I am not satisfied with being just a regular knight.”

Filina, taking a sip of her tea, answered with a relaxed face.
Then Ian said with a slightly stiff expression.

“You’re greedy.”

At Ian’s words, she asked, smiling softly.

“Is that impossible?”

It was a bold question.
He didn’t know Filina was like that.

Unlike other women who always had a beautiful smile, she was a person who always spit out everything she had to say with a blunt face as if she was bored.

Then, when the other person was vigilant, her gentle smile once in a while made his heart flutter.

“…if you wish, I can raise you to the highest rank of knight.”

Ian’s tenacious eyes stared intently into Filina’s eyes.
Filina, who was quietly accepting his gaze, suddenly frowned.


She raised her eyes fiercely and muttered in a noble voice.

“I am not satisfied with that, Your Highness.”

A slight smile spread across Filina’s lips.

“Wouldn’t it be better if it was Andra Weaver’s seat?”


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