Gerald glanced at Louella while she was having a taste of each cake.

“Hurry up and eat.
I have to get home before sunset.
I wanted to have dinner with my mom.
Alexid said he couldn’t come with us today because of his training.”

Gerald nodded.

Louella wouldn’t know.
Gerald didn’t really like sweet food.
This cake was also one of Gerald’s least favorite foods.

Nevertheless, Gerald ate the cake because he loved to see Louella eat it.

Louella used to look happy when she ate sweets.
Like now.

Seeing her smile with her pretty face, he suddenly had an appetite he didn’t have.

Gerald just ended up chewing the cake that felt sweet in his mouth.

Gerald swallowed the whipped cream hovering in his mouth.
The sweet smell in his mouth spread.
Gerald peeped at Louella, who had already swallowed the cake whole.

Louella’s neck, with her soft olive hair, shone white.

Her beautiful eyes sparkled like scarlet jewels.
It used to capture Gerald.

Gerald sighed and put his chin down.
Gerald’s eyes were nailed to the window.
What he saw was not outside the window, but Louella’s reflection on the window.

He had wanted to give Louella a necklace ever since she had come of age.
There were no excuses left.
He just put it off until now.



“No, it’s nothing.”

Gerald scooped up the cake and shoved it into his mouth to soothe the bitter taste in his mouth.

Now he couldn’t give her a gift of his own volition.
This is all on his own account.

Why was he getting so impatient…?


Louella, who was eating her cake, opened her lips.

“Of course, it’s not that I don’t know why you aren’t making an effort to get along with other people.”

Gerald just listened to Louella.
He was wondering what she was trying to say.

“But… You know that you can’t just hang out with me alone.
You should make some friends with others as well.

Louella lowered her eyes.
Louella’s scarlet eyes glistened while looking at him.
They looked like jewels in the sun.

Louella frowned as she continued, “You should get married as well.”

Gerald tilted his head and hid his expression from her.
However, Louella’s expression was cold when she looked up at Gerald.

“Don’t you think so, Gerald?”

He felt like he was being choked.
But Louella looked at Gerald as if she had to hear an answer.

“Lulu, I…”

“Gerald, it’s true.
We can’t keep being children.
We are just good friends.”

Louella spat her sentences looking at Gerald with a stiff face as if she was a doll.

“I heard people say that your husband or wife is your best friend.”

Louella seemed to know how to tear Gerald’s heart effectively.

Louella’s transparent eyes dug into Gerald.

“I know what you are trying to say.”

Gerald tried to smile.

Louella had just drawn a line between the two once more.
It was that the two of them could never be fated to be together.

“We should just stay as friends.”

Louella smiled brightly at Gerald’s answer.
It was as if what she said earlier was nothing.


Louella stretched her arms.

“How am I going to eat dinner tonight? I’m full after eating this,” she said.
“It’s because you’re not eating that I ate almost all of your half.”

Gerald replied nonchalantly.
“Did you really think I could eat when you already ate all of it?”


Louella shook her head with her chubby cheeks, “Do you want more?”

“I’m fine.
I have to eat dinner later.” Louella glared at Gerald while he smirked.

No matter how many times Louella drew the line, Gerald enjoyed spending time with her.

He believed that one day he would be able to convey his true feelings to Louella.

Gerald recovered his trembling heart.

“I’m going to eat dinner, too.” Louella snapped back.

Gerald opened his mouth as softly as possible.
Trying not to show the awkwardness he felt.

“What’s Lulu’s ideal type?”

“Well, I’m not that choosy, to be honest.” Louella fluttered her eyelashes.
“Just a…”

‘You’re going to look for your ideal type?’

Gerald thought something he didn’t mean and when he knew it, he already opened his mouth.
“I can help you.”

“The man just needs to look and appear normal inside and outside as a person.”  Louella continued slowly.
“Appearance is not that important.

“I want someone who can be with me when I need someone.”

Gerald’s eyes shook.
That’s what Gerald couldn’t do in his previous life.

He was so crazy about making the Nisephor drug and turned a blind eye to Louella’s loneliness and sadness.


“I don’t want him to smoke.
And well, it has to be natural.
I want him to be someone who will only look at me after we get married.” Louella tilted her head then said.

“The last condition is the most important.”

Louella fiddled with her fingers.
Then she shrugged her shoulders, “Let’s stop.”

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