Gerald opened the first page of the book.
Then, he began to explain in his unique soft voice.

Academy majors are different.
The depth is different.
It was much better than reading it alone.

I thought I could say one more thing at the reading club.

Flora and I were possessed.
We were attentively listening like a couple of passionate students and eagerly asked questions, and Gerald answered them all.

It was different from the past.
Where there was always never an answer to my question.

Is it because the types of questions are different?

The reason I wanted to attend the reading group was to find a new husband.

Trying to find a new husband with the help of my ex-husband… I think it’s a bit strange.

I glanced at Gerald.

Gerald, who was reading, made eye contact with me.
Gerald paused and stared at me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I looked like I wanted to say something.

Gerald smiled.

Is it just my feelings that made his smile seem like it looked sad for some reason?

Gerald began to read again in a low voice.

I have no idea what he is thinking.

I just stayed still.
If there was anything in common in my past life and now, it’s that I still don’t know what he was thinking about.

I clicked my tongue.

* * *

Afternoon came.
Billiers visited Leander’s mansion after such a long time with the promised medicine.

Good luck came to Flora, who was hugging and loving a certain book without going back to her house.

Flora clung to my arm as I watched Billiers, who asked me to talk to him separately.

“Can you take me with you?” she asked.

“No, I don’t think I can do that, Flora.”

Biliers looked on and I quickly whispered in Flora’s ear.
“I’ll let you two drink tea when we’re done with our work.”

“Do you promise?”

When Billiers nodded in agreement, Flora quickly took her arm off of mine.

This cute little thing.

Gerald had already gone back to his mansion, so the conversation between Billiers and I went on like usual.

Billiers came to my little office and study before he spoke, “Long time no see, Louella.”

“You’re right, Billiers.
We haven’t seen each other for quite a while.
I heard from Gerald that the medicine was complete.”

Hurry up and give me the medicine.

Billiers laughed softly when I reached out my hand, “Yes, it’s done.
Now that I’ve done the experiment, its effect will be clear.
It’s just that…”

“I have to eat it after the outbreak?”

“That’s right.”

I paced around with the medicine on the desk.

“Is there any way to get the disease as much as possible?”

I wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible.
I wanted to stop thinking about seeing my father who didn’t know when Nisephor would develop.

There had been some changes from before and now.
For example, the number of times the monster wave occurred had already been quite different.

According to my previous memory, there were about four waves that occurred since I was eight years old.

This time, however, five waves had occurred, which was more than what was before.
I don’t know what changed.
However, it was something that was involved with how things had been different in this life.

Dad’s disease was going to come out this year, and he would die 10 years later after contracting the illness.

The doctor said it lasted that long.

This time though, no one knew whether it would be this year or next year.
According to my last life, it was supposed to be around November this year.

“I don’t know how to activate the disease yet, Louella.
It can be dangerous.”

“I know.
I’m just frustrated.”

“Who’s sick?”

“I don’t know now.
It’s a disease that we’ll recognize after the outbreak.”

Billiers had a strange face.
“It’s just that… Louella came to me ten years ago and made me create this medicine.
It was as if you knew something was coming.
You certainly knew more about the medicine than I did,” Billiers went on to say.
“Perhaps… Do you know the future? There must have been a reason why I had to make this medicine within ten years.”

“Why are you asking that now?”

“It is because the medicine has already been developed.
At least, I wanted to know why….”

“I don’t know if you’ll believe what I have to say.” I sighed and sat down on my chair.
I fiddled with the medicine.
This is the medicine that Billiers devoted ten years to.
He’s the only one who can save my dad.

“I came back from the future.
I lost my father’s life to Nisephor.”

“Time Paradox,” murmured Billiers.

“In my previous life, I saw some of the data that you studied.
I just taught you what I remembered.
I was doing what I could to reduce your trial and error.”

“I finally understand now.
The little one knew more about Nisephor than I did.”

“Do you know anything about time-related magic?” I wondered.

Billiers paused and didn’t say anything.

He definitely knew something.

But before I could continue to ask, Billiers shook his head.

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