“I have to get ready now, Gerald.”

“Wait, Lulu.
I came here today… I have something to tell you.” Gerald held my hand and guided me to stand up.
Gerald lightly pressed his lips to the back of my hand.


“Congratulations, Lulu.
The medicine is complete.
I’m on my way back from hearing the news from Billiers.”


For a moment my heart started beating fast.
I knew it! I’m not gonna fail this time!

Because Billiers was bragging about it nonstop and it was already planned!

And yet…

I was strangely agitated.
I bit my lip.
It wasn’t something to cry about.
Rather, it was something for me to jump with joy about.
Such news was good for me!

“But there are certain conditions, Lulu,” Gerald continued.
“You have to be sick, infected with Nisephor, before taking the medicine.
If you take it before that, it’s no use because the Nisephor is resistant to the medicine.”

“Why does it have to have a condition…,” I said as I felt tears escaping from my eyes.

Oh, me.
Are you crying?

“There’s a lot more that hasn’t been revealed.
Billiers will send you the new medicine.
That’s what Lulu needs, right?”


“Don’t cry.” Gerald kissed the back of my hand once again and got up from his seat.

Before I knew it, our height difference had already gotten bigger.
Gerald wiped away my tears.

“Don’t cry, Lulu,” Gerald said in a low voice.

I didn’t want to cry either, but my tears wouldn’t stop.

I felt like I would be able to protect my dad as I had hoped for my whole life.

Gerald wiped away my tears.
I concluded that everything was already in the past.

* * *

“Are you in a bad mood today, Louella?”

“Oh, no.
I was just thinking about something else,” I answered blankly, but I suddenly came back to my senses.

Oh, my God, Louella.
What are you doing? Aren’t you working hard for your other goals in life?


“Yes, Lulu.” Storm had a slightly uncomfortable face.

“I was just thinking of my father.”

“Oh…” he answered.
“I heard that Duke Leander will be returning soon.”

“That’s right.
I was just thinking when exactly he’d come.
I heard the news just today as well.”

“I see.
I was wondering what you were thinking.” Storm’s face loosened and smiled.
“Your father is definitely lucky to have you as a daughter.”

“Where did you say you were working?” I asked.

“I work at a bank.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.
That’s a real relief.”

Storm was a really nice guy.
It was the best of the three dates I’d had.

He did not smoke cigars or repeat stories I didn’t want to hear.

Our date was normal and decent, it was as if I met someone I’d been looking for.

“I like being safe.
My simple dream is to meet my spouse, get married, and have children.”

We have similar goals in life.
It was also good to hear that he wanted to have children as well.
But why was my heart looking for something else…?

I don’t know.

I think it might be because we had only been able to speak this time.
It’s important to get to know him better.
I’d be stupid to think of marrying him just because he had left a good first impression.
How could I possibly know a person by looking at him once?

“Storm, our next date is…”

* * *

Storm turned his head once again.
No matter how much he thought about it, it was something mind-boggling for him.
Louella, who was so lost in thought, didn’t seem to know.

Gerald Logan.

Logan’s successor, head of the Academy.
A man who is considered to be the next prime minister.

Gerald Logan was watching him now, with cold hardened eyes.

The people around him were watching Gerald as well, making a fuss.

Some of them were talking to Gerald, but Gerald didn’t respond to show that he wasn’t interested.

He was just looking at the woman by my side.

‘What does his stare even mean?’

In the past, I heard that Gerald and Louella’s engagement had not been successful.

He said that they were friends now.

‘Perhaps, it’s a lie? A cover-up?’

Storm saw Louella.
Louella was grinning as she talked about her next appointment.
She didn’t seem to mind the people surrounding her.


Louella called his name when no answer came out of his mouth.

Louella was a good person.
She was an elegant lady and had a good personality.
She had a good reputation among ladies and her peers…

The problem was Gerald Logan, who hung around her like a piece of gum.

He knew it.

Storm looked up again to see the piercing gaze of an ice awl.

Louella or Gerald.

Will he choose Louisa and lose Gerald.
Or should he walk on a safe path to success?

Gerald’s appointment as the Prime Minister had already been set regardless.

Storm swallowed his saliva and apologized after a short consideration.
“I’m sorry, Louella.”

“Y-yes? Why are you apologizing—?”

“I don’t think it’s possible for us to have another date.”

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