Teilon turned around and nodded at Gerald.
It meant for Gerald to follow him.

It wasn’t the office where Tailon was headed with Gerald, it was an underground entrance that only he could enter.

He stood outside of the room and held the handle in his palm.
Then the ordinary metal door burned with a bright light and the door opened with a squeak.

Gerald followed his father down to the basement without saying a word.

The walls were covered with runes, which were used in magic, and they lit up.
It wasn’t dark thanks to the subtle glittering letters.

“……did you use magic?” asked his father in a heavy voice.

“The magic of turning back time.”

“This is the second time.”

“It’s your last chance.”

Teilon nodded.
There were two factors that played into how he was able to notice that Gerald had used the magic of turning back time.

First, he was acting like an adult, with no hint of being a child.

Of course, Teilon knew that the Logan family’s children didn’t act like they were being childish.
Just as he had been, but Gerald was more mature than what was usual.

When he watched Gerald’s behavior closely, he realized that he was different from an ordinary child.

Gerald calculated the whole situation and moved into it.
It was an act that only those who knew the future could perform.

And the second one, Gerald was able to use magic.
Usually, the Logan family’s children were the brains and used pens when battling.
Unlike the Leanders, who held the sword.

It was also known to everyone that there were children who were born special, who could use magic in a way.

It was known because the children who could use magic would practice magic.

The magic of time.
The magical temperament had been awakened because the person had come back to the past after using the magic of time.

Teilon went down the endless stairs.

“Do you know why we can use the magic of time?”

“Because our family had paid that much,” Gerald answered calmly.

Gerald was going through this process for the second time.

Learning the true secrets of the Logan family.

At the bottom of the stairs, at the very bottom of the basement, this is what Logan family members called the abyss.
It was a place filled with darkness, a vast wilderness.
It was beyond belief that there was such a place underground.

Rough little grass leaves covered the floor.

Teilon walked on it.

Gerald knew where his father was heading.
This was a place where general common sense does not work, and the concept of space and time was unique.

This vast field, which had no end, no matter how much you walked, was connected to a second world beyond time and space.

Suddenly, they arrived in front of a huge ring.
It was a circular ring made of purple metal.

The identity of the ring was the secret of this world that was protected by the Logan family.

Teilon put his hand on the ring.

“I’m sure you’ve already seen this.”

“Yes, Father.”

The ring flashed a gold light.
A distant black hole formed in the middle of a huge circular ring.


They heard the sound of the wind.

It was a monster wave that people generally knew.
The purring of the monsters’ cries came out.

“You know, Gerald.
Logan has kept this.
Logan and Leander both carried different burdens in their lifetime.
Logan made a promise to protect this place and Leander promised to protect the outside.
Did you know?”


Gerald nodded.
In fact, this world was separated from the space outside.

There was only one monster wave that the Logan family could seal.

Sleeping in here was the dragon, the king of monsters.

At that time, humans could not kill the dragon, so they ended up sealing it like this.

In exchange for the seal, the Logan family had to give up death.
This huge ring was made of the souls of Logan family’s ancestors.

Based on the contract of the soul, the Logan family successfully sealed the dragon, but that meant that the other monsters became the Leander family’s responsibility.

Gerald looked up and stared at the ring.

Whoo! Whoo!

Gerald’s ear seemed to hear the ring.

“I’ll give it to you now, Gerald.”

Teilon held Gerald’s hand with great force, and his wrists shone purple.
The ring buried under his skin escaped outward.

The ring was passed from Teilon to Gerald.

Gerald looked at it with a strange expression.
This is the third time.
Gerald got this Uroboros.

“Gerald… this is my last chance.
I don’t know why you used the magic of time, but if you turn back time again, you’ll perish.”

“I know.”

Teilon nodded.
“I think you’ll make the right choice because you’re cautious.

Gerald looked up at his father and said.
“The magic is incomplete and we don’t know when this ring will break and bring back the chaotic past our ancestors had.”

Telion’s expression was silent, “Always do your best.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Then, everything will work out just like that.”

Teilon laughed lightly.
He may have been waiting for Gerald to quickly come of age and take over Uroboros.

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