“Whoa .

Gerald wiped his sweaty face.
He had to help Louella, but it had to happen without anyone knowing about it.

He knew that Louella had a good feeling about whatever was about to happen.
In order not to be seen by anyone, Gerald had to consider various variables and make a corresponding action to it.

He had to turn a lot of tables over and over again.
Variables and certain situations would always pop up unannounced.

He took the time to come because he couldn’t rule out the possibility that Billiers would say something useless to Louella again after their encounter today.

Gerald began to move his foot.

Are you really sure that you’re fine with us being friends?

Louella, speaking with a sulky face, came to his mind.

It’s really just friends.

Louella’s words, which she had repeatedly asked for, tore Gerald apart.
He couldn’t let go of Louella now.

He knew that he had to start over again.

He had decided to start as Louella’s best friend!

* * *

“Are you getting engaged?”


What are you talking about?

“You’ve been hanging out with Gerald all the time lately.
And now, you don’t play with me.”

My peanut of a brother pouted.
I didn’t know when he was going to grow and stop acting like a ten year old, whiny kid.

“Go and study! Or else I’ll tell mom that you’re not doing your homework!”

“Did you just really say that? How could you do this to me? You’re a traitor!” Alexid shouted.

I told him that because I didn’t want him to suffer later and wanted him to study from now on.
He would never understand his sister’s good intentions for the rest of his life.

Even if he did cram and think about it now .
The time would come that he would realize how he needed to study.
After he took over father’s position, it would already be too late then.

“Tsk,” I clicked my tongue while watching Alexid.

How can a human know only one thing?

It’s about time we stopped hearing things like the Leander family is only good as knights or warriors.

“And we’ll not be getting engaged.
We’re just friends!”

In fact, I already expected that I would be misunderstood like this from the time I started hanging out with Gerald again.

But I had to say and do something to soothe Gerald.
So I agreed with him that we’ll only be friends.

“Isn’t being friends and getting engaged the same? There’s no difference!”

“It’s different.” I insisted.
“You don’t live in the same house as your friend, do you?”

“Well, that made sense.
But if Louella gets engaged with him, she can live with Gerald in the same house.” Alexid asked back with a shocked face.

Oh, dear, that question was annoying.

Seeing him ask that kind of question made me think that both of us were really still young.

“Maybe? You don’t like me living with Gerald in the same house, do you?”

“I hate it!” Alexid stamped his foot.

“Then are you going to keep asking me about getting engaged?”

I won’t.
Don’t you ever get engaged, either!”

It’s not that simple.

“Then will you live with me forever?” I asked.

Alexid frowned at my question.

“Well! Let’s not talk about it and drop the topic!” I sighed.
“Aren’t you going out to play? Aren’t you going to meet Veronica?”

“You, you .
You have Jeje to accompany you and play with you! I won’t play with you now!!”

Oh, you ten-year-old kid.
Mother .
Look at how your Alexid is growing into.
When is he finally going to man up?

Gerald would leave for the Academy really soon.
He would be graduating from the Academy at the age of eighteen.

That was why I would never leave the house except during vacation.
I used to wait for Gerald the whole time to see if he was waiting for me too and complete the love story we had created.

But not anymore!

I will never ever wait for Gerald in this lifetime.
Wait for me, my social life.
Wait for me, countless men!

Don’t you think there is at least one of the men who would actually pursue and fall in love with me?

I want to have a burning love at least once.
I’m going to say goodbye to the Eagle Workshop.

I had been recalling the past with all my heart and soul.
In the past, I couldn’t even see any other men because I was only busy looking at just one person, at Gerald.

Actually, since he looked like a unicorn, other men only looked like mushy monsters.

This is .

Anyway, I was already looking for those men who were free of rumors and were popular in society.

I shook my legs in excitement.

I’m looking forward to ten years from now.

A lot was to be at stake until then.

The nisephor drug.

Gerald’s graduation.

And my coming-of-age ceremony.

By then, no one would be able to stop me from running.


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