If Gerald hadn’t turned back time, Billiers might have finally completed the drug.

However, such an opportunity did not come.

But it didn’t matter.

The medicine was and will be completed by Gerald.

It was Gerald who did it— he dedicated his youth to it.

Billiers had only talent and brains, but Gerald had more than that.
He had desperation on his side.

In his first life, Gerald had given up everything and hung on to the cure for Nisephor .
but he lost Louella in the process.

And in his second life, Gerald dedicated a total of eight years for that.
In the end, Gerald succeeded in getting ahead of Billiers and finally created the medicine.

But instead of succeeding, he missed something else.

Gerald was going to do his best and support Billiers this time to produce the medicine.

Gerald hesitated and said, “Can I join you in your studies?”

Royce looked surprised.
It was because Gerald said he wanted to do something first.

“With Louella?”


Gerald nodded.

“Well, I still have time to go to the academy.
That idea sounds good too.
I’ll write a letter for that.”

“Thank you.”

Gerald smiled.

Of course, Gerald didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
It was a time to be together with Louella with studying as an excuse.

For what side effect, it appeared that Louella returned to her life filled with memories with them together.

Gerald bit his lips secretly.

Louella hated Gerald now.

In fact, anyone could feel that fact as time went by.
Gerald thought that it was rather fortunate to be back when they were still an eight-year-old kid.

He got a chance to fix everything.
Gerald will be able to help her save Arthur, Louella’s father, and, eventually, cure Louella’s illness.

Take your time, Gerald.

Waiting is a game to be done anyway.
Waiting a little longer in this life won’t be such a hard thing to do.

Unless, of course, he missed Louella this time.

No, he was determined this time.
He wouldn’t fail in this life.

Gerald suppressed his impatience.
And it all sank below the surface.
In his efforts, the time will definitely come.

For Louella, Gerald was better off looking like a child who knew nothing.

Only then does Louella see Gerald one more time.

He was weak, young, and vulnerable, and he was still the same.

When Gerald was in tears, Louella would say mean things and stop.

Gerald wasn’t going to miss Louella even if he dug into her weak heart.


* * *

“What in the world—-”

Can you explain why Gerald is here, Mother?

My mom laughed awkwardly when I jumped up and down in my seat because I was so surprised.
Why is that punk here, anyway?!

“Gerald just wants to study, doesn’t he? As Lulu knows, Jeje is going to the academy soon, right?” she replied.


You can’t do this without telling me!

My mother coughed.
“Lulu? You said you shouldn’t do that in front of Jeje, right?”

Oh, I was going crazy.
I was trying to reduce my meeting up with Gerald’s type of fate as much as possible, but people around me won’t help or cooperate with me!

I sat down properly at the stern look of her mother.
Gerald sat next to me with a sullen face.

“Hello .
.” Gerald greeted me.

Why does he look so pathetic? Argh!

I shouldn’t be weak, but whenever I saw such an expression from him, my heart became mushy and I just wanted to pet him like an adorable puppy.

I don’t think he’s guilty.

The sin was in Gerald’s future.
It was the future Gerald that didn’t let me experience that passionate love that I wanted—-

What are you talking about, Louella?

I mentally slapped myself back to reality.

No, Louella.
You’re in big trouble if you move on and act like this.
Are you really going to let this happen? Don’t you want to experience a kiss in this lifetime?

I shook my head quickly.

Yes, I needed to be firm with myself.

I’m just here to study.” He said stubbornly.

My mother messed up my hair as if she knew it.
“I’m telling you that he’s just going to study, okay?”

“All right, Lulu.
Jeje has to go back soon to study something else anyway.
Right, Jeje?”


Mom, I saw everything.
You winked at Gerald.
As if I didn’t catch that! Even a normal eight-year-old kid could pick up social cues like that!

No one is really helping me!

* * *

Billiers entered a room with two familiar faces.
It appeared that they would be with important parents.
He didn’t come in and just tried to give them some space.
Only Royce and Merce were left in the drawing-room.

When the two of them were younger, the two of them couldn’t even stick together.”

Just a bit older than at that time, one would have had a hard time imagining that.
It was because whenever Louella saw Gerald, she would say I won’t go home and live with him

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