I finally become your princess

Chapter 5 (Andrew\'s first night with Estelle)

Even though Andrew and Estelle were a little awkward at first on that night, they both didn know how to start their first night that they really had to spend together, from that night onwards. But indeed because Andrew is a man who tries to make his life run smoothly according to his wishes, Andrew then ventured to face Estelle that night, after the wedding ceremony was very lively.

And because of the awkwardness of the two of them, they were really awkward in their bedroom together. And they then try to face each other. They again trying to see face to face with each other. But here, Andrew was trying to lighten the mood by starting with stroking Estelles hair. And he, Andrew then slowly Andrew he began to kiss the hair of Estelle, and he then again then immediately groped Estelles full, voluptuous breasts. And because Estelle was aroused, thats why she let out an unruly sigh.

Then Andrew, he then immediately fondled Estelles breasts which was really voluptuous. And Andrew, he then immediately pointed his tongue at Estelles pleasure hole. Because Estelle couldn stand Andrews foreplay, she sighed with pleasure by the naughty licks of Andrews tongue.

Because he really couldn take it anymore, then Andrew immediately inserted his tense pen*s into the pleasure hole of his wife. And their first night really happened like a dream for both of them. Although Estelle was in pain at first, but over time she began to enjoy that first night very passionately, with Andrew.

Even though they may have been awkward with each other at first, they both managed to spend the first night of them both successfully and nicely, even though it might really have felt like a dream to Estelle, for that night she had given her virginity to her husband. Andrew, he is a handsome prince, and a handsome man that also make Estelle falling in love.

The next morning, Estelle couldn understand why she was able to spend her first night with Andrew either. And even now that Estelle has become a future queen, who will replace Andrews mother. It really felt like a fleeting dream to Estelle, because she could become someone who was now truly respected in the Starligt kingdom, and she also really couldn imagine how her life would change drastically in the future.

Because of that Estelle she knew that now she was a queen to be, and that was something good that other people dream of, as well as all kinds of people out there, really wanted. And she also realized that many people wanted to overthrow his throne as a future queen, and Estelle also knew that there were a lot of people who would be against her in the future.

But the Estelle didn budge. She tried to defend her throne no matter what. Even though she may have been a slave, in fact now the throne as a future queen can really be obtained by her, and she will never let those who don like her overthrow her, as a future queen, who can later accompany her husband. Andrews throne, as a king who would truly lead the Starlight kingdom.

On that day, it was actually the day that everyone had really wanted, because it was the second day that Estelle had become Andrews wife. And here, Estelle is really served by a number of palace maids, who can really pamper her, and make herself a woman who is really cared for, and loved by all the ladies in the palace.

Even though she probably knew that a lot of people wanted her now on position. But Estelle, she is still trying to maintain her dignity as a future queen, who really wants to ascend the throne, because of the value of luck that was carried out by her some time.

”Hmmm, thats the life Ive really wanted for a long time. And now I can have it too. But I can just have fun, because I know that there must be a lot of people who don like me here. And I also understand, if all of them are ladies-in-waiting who can also overthrow my throne, where I am right now. So I have to be careful. Even if it may indeed be something I should be wary of too, wherever I am! ” Estelle said in her heart, when she was trying to become a potential successor to the queen, of the Starlight kingdom.

It was Estelle that she tried to be vigilant, in every way. And also she who tried to establish herself in the kingdom, as a woman who really should be admired and respected, throughout the entire kingdom and also among all its people. Estelle just wanted to enjoy her life the way she wanted. Even though sometimes that her life is not easy for her to live. But she knows that being the wife of a prince is not something that is really easy for everyone, including herself. And it was a stroke of luck for her, something that she couldn just let go of in her life.

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