The electric sparks basically had thunder properties, but they also had fire properties since they blew fire flames.

If it was a battlefield full of bushes, like the topography so far, all of the Elite Goblins would have instantly died in this attack no matter how strong they were.

The Goblin Fortress’ final settlement, where Hobgoblins were located, was like the inside of a cave made of pure stone.
It was unfortunate, but in a way, it was a relief for Yu-Seong.

‘If the place burned down, I would have a hard time trying to escape too.’ 

Or similarly, Yu-Seong might have had to hide at the end of a secret passage where there were no bushes and wait an hour for the dungeon to naturally recover.

In any case, Yu-Seong settled in a somewhat safe spot even before the five seconds of the Dancing Electric Doll finished.

‘It’s electrifying!’

Despite wearing a battle suit with a fairly high electricity cutoff rate, Yu-Seong could feel the thrilling sensation all over his body.
The back of his head tingled.
However, that lasted for only a short time.
Yu-Seong jumped to the Hobgoblin, who stood up from the throne and aggressively jumped.

The Hobgoblin was wondering what to do with the electric doll’s sudden attack.

‘The Stylistic is at its peak.’ 

Yu-Seong ’s spear once again became glowing red; it was enhanced by the Magic Spearmanship’s fire property.
When it penetrated directly through the Hobgoblin’s shoulder, Yu-Seong could feel the cool sensation that ripped through the boss monster’s flesh and broke its bones.
The smell of the Goblin ’s disgusting flesh and the fishy blood assailed Yu-Seong’s nose as the monster was grilled in various forms.

At the same time, Hobgoblin shouted while grabbing Yu-Seong ’s spear with one hand despite making an expression of pain and misery.


Being a head larger than the typical Goblins, the Hobgoblin had a thick forearm.
With that, the Hobgoblin tore its shoulder and pulled out the spear.
Then, it swung its uniquely curved sword toward Yu-Seong and hit his abdomen.

Although the sword could not penetrate the battle suit, Yu-Seong was shaken by the blunt weapon’s strong blow.
Then, the Hobgoblin ’s curved sword did not miss the opportunity and flew toward Yu-Seong ’s neck.

Yu-Seong escaped the crisis by using Wind Control Execution and wiped the blood flowing from his mouth with the back of his hand.

‘So you ’re a boss monster after all, huh.
You ’re a pretty tough guy.’

Time slipped away and all the electric dolls were soon gone.
There were five Elite monsters, and a somewhat scarred Hobgoblin left.

‘Not bad.
I can do it.’ 

Yu-Seong took a deep breath and completely immersed himself in battle… As a result, after roughly 20 minutes of the bloody battle, he was about to put the long spear blade in the center of the open-eyed Hobgoblin’s neck.

The level has risen.

The level has risen.

The level has risen.

The level has risen.

The level has risen…

The E-rank MAX level has been reached.
Challenge yourself on the promotion evaluation!

Yu-Seong read the messages that energized him while sweeping up his sweat-soaked hair.
He smiled brightly as he looked at the drone filming himself in the air.


If he did this much, it would look amazing to the public from any possible perspective.

* * *

Korea, no, the whole world was completely overturned after Yu-Seong ’s Goblin Fortress dungeon racing video had been released.

Kim Jin-Young’s article was a step slower than Park Jin-Hwan, but his video editing process was much faster.
The number of views of his uploaded video on NewTube exceeded 50 million views in less than a week.
People expected that the video would soon reach 100 million views.

Park Jin-Hwan did not only step back and watch Jin-Young ’s good performance.
He had also received a solo report video from Choi Yu-Seong ’s stan, edited the video, reported and posted it on both the website and NewTube in less than half a day.

※Choi Yu-Seong has already won a fight against the second-rank dungeon ’s boss Monster? Feat.
Sand Officer

After half a day passed since Park Jin-Hwan released the second video, the first and second most popular videos on NewTube were all about Choi Yu-Seong.
Naturally, the world focused all of its attention on Yu-Seong.
There was even news about him in the United States, CNL.

※ Who is Choi Yu-Seong who broke the record of top prospect Kim Do-Jin?

※ The Millionaire genius hunter!

There was also news on the British Broadcast station, BBD.

※ The Discovery of the New Talent in the Republic of Korea

※ A fearless villain, revered as a genius

There was also news on the Japanese Broadcast station, NHN.

※ Kim Do-Jin and Choi Yu-Seong, the dragon and the tiger.

※ Yamamoto Kyosuke, the King of Patience, said the Korean talents have reached their starting point.
But we should not rush to judge as the bubble may burst soon.

The world ’s leading media reported news and articles about Yu-Seong.
There were pouring interview requests.
That wasn’t even the end.

Choi Woo-Jae went to work and sat in his office to read press releases from each country.
He suddenly smiled when he remembered receiving a phone call from Chinese President Wang Kai last night.

After that, he picked up the phone straight away and quickly made a call somewhere.
He could hear quite a lot of rings as the call remained unanswered for a long time.
If there were others nearby, they would have been quite surprised.
Choi Woo-Jae, the Comet Group’s chairman, was calling, and he waited for a long time.
This was certainly a rare case.

Soon, a voice mixed with a loud laugh came from the other end of the phone with a clatter.

-Oh, look who’s here! What got the busiest man in Korea to call me?

Even if I ’m busy, I do what I have to do.
You ’ve been quiet lately.
Everything okay? ”

-Thanks to you, I ’m spending my last years very peacefully.

“Your grandchild is so cute.
When are you going to show him off?”

-Ah, I’ll show him off for sure, since it’s you who asked.
I, Baek Joon-Kyung, have accomplished all that I have because of you.

If Choi Yu-Seong heard this name—Baek Joon-Kyung—he would have understood Choi Woo-Jae ’s unfamiliar behavior while looking surprised.

Baek Joon-Kyung was the Republic of Korea’s former President, who was once an S-rank hunter.
During Choi Woo-Jae’s heyday as a hunter, Joon-Kyung had been the hunter who was the team’s leader.
Now, Joon-Kyung had taken a step back from the hunter world and retired from politics but was still called one of the living legends of the country.

“It wasn’t a big deal.
By the way, why don ’t we meet and play golf? That way, I can see your grandchild as well.
I’ve not seen you in a long time.”


Perhaps it was an unexpected word, because Baek Joon-kyung uttered that word in an unreadable tone from the other end of the line.

-Ahhh… Now I see.
You called to brag about your son! Yes, Choi Yu-Seong.
This clever one caused a serious accident this time, right?

Choi Woo-Jae shook his head from side to side at his quick-witted friend ’s words.
He said, ”It’s not a big deal and just a small thing to talk about.
Oh, well, there was an annoying call yesterday night just when I was going to sleep.
Has it been 10 years? You know, King Kai. ”

-The Chinese President? You mean that old python? Come to think of it, he’s still alive.
But what about him?

”Oh, well, he said if I send Yu-Seong to China, he will drive sales profits of about 30 trillion won to the Comet Group every year.”

-That scoundrel’s very generous.
He seems to like your son very much.
So what did you say?

”What do you mean? You think he’s worth only 30 trillion won? It makes no sense.”

-Of course not.
If that rascal had said so, he would have asked you to transfer your ninth child ’s nationality.
But no way.
I ’ve heard a rumor, but that child—he’s our country’s treasure.
Don ’t even think about giving him away.
Otherwise, even I won ’t forgive you.

Woo-Jae nodded while somehow feeling better at Baek Joon-Kyung’s rigorous words.
He replied, “Of course not, even if he said he would give 300 trillon won, I wouldn’t send Yu-Seong to China.
Not even if they treat him as a King or something.”

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-Hahaha, now I see that you have a lot to brag about.
Yeah, golf—we should play sometime for sure.
When do you have time?

”If you ’re free, I can go meet you right away. ”

-Right now? We ’re in Goseong right now.
Wouldn’t it be afternoon when you arrive?

”Oh, it doesn ’t matter.
It’ll be a perfect time to go there by car, have lunch, and play golf. ”

You are certainly an active hunter—-full of energy.
Yeah, I’ll go meet you when you arrive.

“Then, hang in there.” Woo-Jae hung up the phone with a snap and rose from the warm chair that supported him.
Then, he connected the intercom to the secretary ’s office.

-Yes, chairman.

”I ’m going to go to Baek Joon-Kyung.
Tell them to get ready at once. ”

-Yes, sir.

After the intercom was cut off, humming, Choi Woo-Jae dressed in a tracksuit that looked several times lighter than what he wore to the company.
He also wore a thick padded jacket on top of it.

Then, he suddenly trembled and said, “…If Kim Pil-Doo, that friend, was here, he would be nagging me.”

Choi Woo-Jae briefly recalled his right-hand man, who was currently in England due to his work.
Then, he shrugged his shoulders.

“Thanks to Yu-Seong, I’m on cloud nine these days.
I should think of a gift for him while playing golf today.” Woo-Jae decided so, and left the chairman ’s office with a light step.


In a sunless eight-story building located somewhere in Jong-ro, Seoul, there was a new signboard hanging on the fifth floor.
There was not even an elevator, so it could only be reached by climbing the high stone stairs on one’s two legs.
The writing on the signboard said— ’The Hunter Guild, Eclipse.’

Inside, Kim Do-Jin tilted his head.
He had entered a little more than thirty pyeong of space that has not even been organized yet.
”Is this all? ”

Right behind Kim Do-Jin, Baek Ah-Rin replied in a depressed voice while putting her hands together as if she were a sinner.

”…Yes. ”

”I think you said you wanted to build a company building. ”

”Well… That’s the goal.
But this land in Seoul was more expensive than I thought.
The building I originally aimed for was exactly ten times more expensive than this! Wahahaha! ” shouted Ah-Rin as she burst into laughter.
Then, she scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

”So, you only bought one floor of this building? ” asked Do-Jin.

I only bought this room.
At least, I can see my goal building out of the window here, ” Ah-Rin replied.

Kim Do-Jin once again glanced around the inside of the room and nodded lightly.
”It ’s not bad.”

Sorry for my greed…
What? ” Ah-Rin blinked in surprise.

”If you and I had put our names on the line, there would have been quite a few places to support us.
Doesn ’t it mean that you rejected everything that started in a small place like this? ”

“Well, that ’s true…
But usually, people prefer to start with support, ” Ah-Rin said.

”Well done.
Once you start borrowing someone else ’s hand, you’ll have to repay them in any form.
And I can ’t give you such a small sum of money for what I ’m doing myself. ”

”But you know, the price of the building I ’m going to buy is over 80 billion won. ”

”I ’m Kim Do-Jin.
From now on, my ransom will be ridiculously over ten times that.”

You’re so full of yourself.”

Whether Baek Ah-Rin cried or not, Kim Do-Jin looked at the city scenery filled with quite a few buildings that looked somewhat suffocating while he was standing in front of the room’s sunny window.

‘So there’s an area that only the guild can buy…’

Do-Jin could roughly predict where it would be.
However, that was all, so he didn ’t pay much attention.

‘Baek Ah-Rin is a good colleague.
I’m not getting the short end of the deal.

Anyway, now, the two were in the same boat.

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