The Tower of Heaven’s first floor was a maze filled with bush-covered high walls.
However, as mentioned before, its scale was enormous.
Even if one looked down from the peak of Everest, he would not see the entire maze.
Still, if one were extremely lucky, someone from the group could fall into a similar area.

“It seems that luck wasn ’t on my side this time.” Yu-Seong looked around with a smile.
Then, he said, ”No, maybe I was lucky.”

The ground level of the Tower of Heaven, an unending labyrinth, sprawled out in all directions.
Its vastness was matched only by the abundance of exits.
So, if one only had the intention of getting out, he could inevitably make it to the next floor within a week even if he wandered around for a while.

In addition, there surprisingly were many trees that grew edible fruits and other plants.
This made survival relatively easy.

In fact, for Yu-Seong, who had some understanding of the Tower ’s rules, he was confident that he could find the red exit that he and the group agreed to meet within three days if he intended to.

However, Yu-Seong didn ’t plan on moving too hastily.

‘People usually think the first floor is just an area for them to learn how to adapt to the Tower.’

It was because of the special rules that applied to the Tower of Heaven.

Yu-Seong opened his system window to check the situation with his own eyes.

『Name: Choi Yu-Seong

Age: 21

Series: All-Rounder

Level: 1

Retention History: 2

Special Skills: Star Factor Quality, Fusion, Spear Practitioner

※ Special: Entered the Tower of Heaven.

All skills except for Special Skills are inactive.
By raising the level, sealed skills can be activated.
As an initial entry bonus, two of the pre-existing skills could be activated.

‘The Reset.’

This part had been explained to all of the party on the way to the Tower of Heaven.
It was a situation that confused most players upon their first entry into the Tower, because it sealed off their ability to use all skills except the Special Skills.

‘Also, in the original novel, the rankings have been removed.’

The only remaining data was the level.
There were three ways to raise the level: climbing the Tower, hunting monsters, or solving quests.
However, the final way did not apply to the first floor.
Overall, the progression of the Tower was not as complicated as they had thought.

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‘I can think of it like a real game.’

The main objectives were to level up and acquire skills.
As for the first notable difference, it was that they already possessed Special Skills.

‘It ’s rather like having a job in a video game, since Special Skills reflect each individual ’s basic tendencies.’

The second difference was the ability to increase the level of skills obtained outside of the Tower, and then unseal them again.

As soon as they entered the Tower, everyone became level one.
It seemed like they were all starting at the same point.
However, in reality, this was slightly different.

‘Since high-ranking hunters are likely to have a lot of good skills.’

The power would certainly be adjusted to match their low level, but it was also important that the required amount of mana would decrease as well.
Generally, good skills had strong effects even beyond direct power.
In that sense, the Tower of Heaven was truly a land of opportunity for Yu-Seong.

‘Because I have three Special Skills.’

While others had a maximum of three starting skills, including two initial skills, Yu-Seong had three Special Skills.
Although Fusion had the disadvantage of being difficult to use without Eye of Replication, Star Factor and Spear Practitioner were definitely helpful.

Moreover, in this situation, most skills were sealed.
Naturally, those who possessed ancient relics and had developed their abilities through hard work rather than relying solely on skills had a significant advantage.

‘And that ’s why I worked so hard for this day.’

Yu-Seong grinned as he chose the first of the two skills he could activate.
In fact, there was no need for him to think too deeply about it.

‘Obviously, it has to be the God ’s Chakra.’

The God ’s Chakra had the unique ability to convert mana into chakra and increase its overall amount each day, providing an unparalleled advantage in the Tower where abilities were best utilized when acquired early.

‘Besides, the additional effects are also great.’

As mentioned, real good skills were important not only for their basic strong power but also for their additional effects.
In that sense, the skill of God ’s Chakra, which could enhance physical abilities, absorb energy, and emit energy was an absolute top priority.

‘And then…should I take a little more time to choose the next one depending on the situation?’

As it was mentioned earlier, Yu-Seong intended to pass through the Tower’s first floor as slowly as possible to adapt to the system.
The reason was simple.

‘There is a considerable amount of treasure hidden on the first floor.’

The Tower of Heaven was sometimes called the Tower of Despair due to the initial Reset.
Ironically, despite its name containing the word ’Heaven, ’ there were more fatalities inside the Tower than in dungeons.
Even players who were not affected by the Reset and were in an adapted state found it challenging to obtain key hidden rewards on the first floor due to its high difficulty level.

There were, however, some major things that would be still suitable for use in the Tower’s upper floors, provided that they could be obtained.
In fact, Yu-Seong’s goal was these precious hidden rewards.

”Okay, let ’s get started. ”

It was a maze with all three sides closed, not just a path forward.
Yu-Seong felt a strange sense of relief in the space where no one could see him.
He immediately got down to the ground and lifted up his legs.

‘PT number 8, the Hellish Full Body Twist.’

Before he had been sucked into the novel, Yu-Seong’s memories of the military came to mind.
He didn’t want to do it, but he couldn’t think of a better way.

As mentioned, skills could also be acquired within the Tower.
If you took the skills outside, and it happened to be a duplicate, you would gain additional effects.
And if it wasn ’t, it would be registered in the skill window immediately.
Therefore, it was always a good thing to acquire skills within the Tower.

There were various ways to acquire skills, but the only immediate option was through repetitive training.
In other words, Yu-Seong had no choice.

‘I never thought that I would end up doing PT number 8.’

And so, in a place where no one could see Yu-Seong, the lonely full body twist began.


Six hours later, Yu-Seong was still doing the full body twist.

‘Is it really working? It does say so in the original novel, but…’

Wouldn ’t it be better to acquire skills in a different way? Yu-Seong was flipping his legs in the air and twisting his entire body.
He was at the point of thinking about giving up when messages began to appear one after another.

– Acquired skill, Physical Strength Reinforcement.

– Acquired skill, Flexibility Reinforcement.

– Acquired skill, Stamina Reinforcement.

– Acquired skill, Pain Tolerance.

Yu-Seong now had a wide smile on his flushed and sweaty face.


Yu-Seong chose PT number 8 because, unlike other exercises, this torture-like full body workout could only be trained in various ways.
Therefore, if it had been another typical exercise, he would have acquired only one or two at best, but by doing PT number 8, he was able to obtain as many as four skills.

‘The power of the skills follows my level, and that ’s the Tower ’s law.’

In other words, all the skills Yu-Seong had acquired were at level one.
Nevertheless, there was a significant difference between those who had the skills and those who didn ’t.
As a typical example, Yu-Seong was able to erase the word ‘give up’ that he had in mind by acquiring a Pain Tolerance skill.

”But this is as far as I can go… ”

Yu-Seong remained on the ground with his arms and legs spread wide.
He gasped for breath, then frowned at how all of his muscles were screaming at him.

If I try to get up right now, I ’ll die, won ’t I?’

Having developed a Pain Tolerance skill did not mean that he completely felt the pain.
No matter how enhanced his physical abilities as a player were, he couldn ’t avoid the muscle pain that followed after quietly completing PT number 8 for six hours.

”Ugh… ” Yu-Seong moaned and slowly closed his eyes.
He couldn’t bear it anymore.

‘I’ll feel better after a good nap.’

Fortunately, this was still the starting area of the Tower ’s first floor, so there was no need to worry about enemy attacks.

After sleeping like a log for about six hours, Yu-Seong suddenly opened his eyes.
He slowly raised his body up and noticed that he was feeling much better than before.

‘As expected…
I recover fast.’

It was the kind of pain that a normal person might not recover from even after lying down for three days and nights, but he had recovered in just six hours thanks to his physical abilities at the level of a Physical type player and the Stamina Reinforcement he had obtained through PT number 8 training.

Undoubtedly, the process of acquiring new skills was challenging, but it was worth the challenge.

‘To be honest, it is worth investing in the attainment of four skills in just six hours as it pays for itself.’

Yu-Seong quickly pushed the pain from PT number 8 exercises out of his mind and rose to his feet.
His gaze was fixed straight ahead.

As he ventured deeper into the maze, the darkness grew more intense, but he remained unafraid.
Yu-Seong now possessed three Special Skills, four Tower Skills, and even the unique Special Skill – God’s Chakra.
As a matter of fact, he could be considered the strongest on the first floor of the Tower of Heaven.

‘I ’m starving.
Let’s find something to eat first.’

After walking around for about ten minutes, Yu-Seong felt a gaze following him.

‘Finally, it’s here.’

It was really uncomfortable and irritating to be followed by a gaze that wouldn ’t let up, especially since he had taken multiple turns at crossroads while wandering through the maze.
However, as he had already advised the party, it was better to refrain from reacting hastily.

Intending to follow his own advice, Yu-Seong ignored the discomfort and kept walking until he reached a tree bearing edible fruit that only grew in the Tower.

‘Oh, it ’s honey fruit.’

The honey fruit was only found within the Tower.
It was named after its reputedly intense sweetness.
Upon tasting it, Yu-Seong discovered its texture was as soft as a perfectly ripe mango.

‘Oh, this is pretty good.’

In the original novel, it was written that anyone who ate something inside the Tower would always be satisfied.
Now, Yu-Seong could finally agree with that description.
Then, he consumed the third honey fruit with a look of pure delight on his face.


Suddenly, a strange and eerie sound filled the air and a black liquid began to flow from beneath the thick walls of the maze.
Very slowly, the form of a ferocious wolf-like creature was taking shape.
It emanated a menacing aura directed towards Yu-Seong, and this was only the beginning.

The black liquid continued to flow from various parts of the maze, transforming into monsters that resembled beasts and humans.
Yu-Seong found himself completely surrounded by them.

Although it was a somewhat threatening situation, Yu-Seong remained calm.
He even smiled as he converted Pharaoh’s Caprice into a spear.
He looked at the monsters emitting the threatening momentum and said, “I ’ve been waiting for this.
Bring it on, my experience points.”

It was time to level up.

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