If he tarried too long, Vincent would risk succumbing to peril.
Whatever Emilia ’s intention was, Vincent now had no choice but to risk his life and try to handle things as quickly as possible.

”Clear the road! ”

Vincent left his personal driver behind and quickly snatched Kim Un-Jeong ’s cherished luxury sports car to head straight for the center of Pyongyang.
He used all of his public authority to open up the road leading to the Pyongyang Goryeo Hotel.

After pushing the car ’s accelerator to its limits, Vincent raced down the city streets with lightning speed.
It went even faster than he himself could have traveled as a highly-skilled S-rank Psych hunter operating at peak performance.

Vincent arrived at Goryeo Hotel in less than five minutes from where he had been staying.
He then carelessly parked the car and handed over the keys to the valet staff.

He immediately headed towards the conference room, where he confirmed the room numbers of the three people he was looking for: Choi Yu-Seong and Kim Do-Jin, as well as Helen Mirren.

’The two assistants are in room 3021, and Helen Mirren is in 3215. ’ 

The rooms were on the 30th and 32nd floors, but for an S-rank hunter like Vincent, the difference in floor numbers didn ’t matter much.

After a brief thought, Vincent picked up his phone and called Kim Un-Jeong.
”Summon Helen Mirren.
There is something to talk about. ”

– What? What should I say?

”Just say something.
Offer to have a meal together. ”

– Do you really think I can eat when they might be here for the Philosopher ’s Stone?

”It ’s not a mere possibility that they ’re here for the Philosopher ’s Stone; it ’s a confirmed fact.
I ’m requesting you to buy me some time, ” Vincent instructed.

Through his earlier conversation with Emilia, Vincent also became convinced that Helen Mirren already knew about the location of the Philosopher ’s Stone and had come over to find it.

”But don ’t admit it like a fool.
You absolutely have to say you don ’t know.
Got it? ”

– Do you think I am stupid? But really, are you going to make me fight that witch alone? It ’s scary…

”Idiot, you just achieved an S-rank a while ago, ” said Vincent to Kim Un-Jeong.

– But…that witch was able to survive even after battling the Black Mist King in the past.
Doesn ’t that signify her immense strength?

The Black Mist King was ranked 8th among the Twelve Dark Kings, so the battle between Helen Mirren and the Black Mist King was bound to create quite a few rumors among the Demon King Worshipers.
For example, there was a story that Helen Mirren had actually surpassed S-rank to reach SS-rank.

‘Or anyway, rumors that she is no less a monster than the Twelve Dark Kings.’

The most important thing was that the Black Mist King had no reaction to this rumor.
Despite that lack of a reaction, those who had suffered from Helen ’s dirty nature within the Demon King Worshipers became even more cautious of her.

‘I, too, am of the same sentiment.’

Vincent also had a history of conflicts with Helen.
She was uncontrollable even to him, who was also a member of Demon King Worshipers.
Needless to say, there had been times when Vincent had bet on his strength that he would win, only to end up defeated.

’What a fierce witch. ’ 

It was beyond the capacity of Kim Un-Jeong, who ranked lower than Vincent himself, to control the situation that involved Helen Mirren.

”It ’ll be okay.
She ’s not as strong as you think, ” lied Vincent.

As time elapsed, Kim Un-Jeong, being overly cautious, continued to make unneeded statements.

– Huh? Have you ever fought that witch?

”Sort of. ”

– If you can, maybe I’ll be fine too…

At that moment, Vincent disregarded the sudden surge of annoyance he felt toward Kim Un-Jeong.
He nodded and said, “Yeah.”

‘You are ranked 113th, and I am ranked 100th.’

He tried hard to not spit out such thoughts.

– Okay then.
I ’ll give it a try.

After hanging up the phone, Vincent procured a low-brimmed hat from the hotel concierge and made his way to a nearby coffee shop.
There, he chose a seat that was near the window to take in the view.

About twenty minutes later, a rather unfamiliar figure—Helen Mirren wearing a black robe—got into the sedan sent by Kim Un-Jeong and left the hotel.

’She’s gone. ’ 

Vincent confirmed Helen’s departure with his own eyes, took off his hat, and immediately entered the elevator.

’30th floor. ’ 

He pressed the button and held his breath.
Being short on time, he couldn’t take his own sweet time.

’As soon as I open the door and enter, I will throw my body forward, twist one of their wrists in the opposite direction, and subdue them in a single glance.
And once their body stiffens, I will release the paralysis toxin.

Satisfied with his own plan, Vincent walked down the hotel corridor and adjusted his clothes.

‘Although those witches ’ assistants may prove to be formidable opponents, I am an S-ranked hunter, after all.’

Vincent, standing in front of Room 3021, thought that the opponents had bad luck.
He knocked on the door.

Knock Knock.

Room 3021 was quiet inside.
Since nobody responded to the knock, Vincent calmly knocked on the door again.

Knock Knock Knock.

Again, there was only silence.
However, Vincent was a skilled hunter, and he could clearly sense the presence of someone within the room.


Vincent snorted impatiently.
He took thirty seconds to slowly kill his own presence in front of the door.

‘By the time you guys let your guard down…’

A heavy silence was quickly weighing down on the entire hotel.


Vincent immediately kicked the door open without any hesitation and jumped into the room.


With that loud slam, dust clouds rose from the ground.
Vincent immediately saw that a handsome man hidden near the bathroom wall was looking at him with a cold gaze.

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‘What? Not flustered? Another person who thinks I ’m an easy touch, huh?’

Vincent sent a punch flying forward in anger.
He intended to tackle the first person he encountered by the neck, as per his plan.
However, his attack completely missed the mark.

‘He avoided it? ’ 

Momentarily bewildered by the situation, Vincent tilted his head.

”Why are you so surprised? ” his opponent asked.

‘Because my plan is going wrong from the start.’

Vincent had no time to even try replying.
He missed his first target, Kim Do-Jin, and could already feel the volatile energy gathering beside him.

‘What is this? Is it at least an A-rank? Perhaps it ’s even higher.’

Feeling a fairly threatening presence, Vincent forgot his goal of suppressing the enemy and turned to look at the right.
He widened his eyes in surprise.

“Lance Charging. ”

With a small voice, a flash of light flew toward Vincent and hit him in the ribs.


Goryeo Hotel’s walls shook from the loud roar.
Turning skilfully and sticking close to the ceiling to avoid the blow, Vincent looked at the deep wound on his side and laughed bitterly.

‘Ha… Fuck.’

Having been caught off guard, Vincent nearly died.
He spewed a mouthful of blood before swinging himself to different parts of the room a few times to dodge Kim Do-Jin ’s sword.
After a while, he barely managed to find a stable and wide place to catch his breath.

‘It ’s fortunate that I rank around 100th.’

If it weren ’t for his rank, Vincent would have flown into the room suddenly, been penetrated by the first flash of light, and instantly died.
With a furious expression, Vincent glared at Kim Do-Jin and Choi Yu-Seong, both of whom surrounded him in the narrow room.

”Who are you? Why did you attack us? ” Yu-Seong asked.

”Are you asking who I am? ” shouted Vincent angrily.
He clenched his fist tightly, then continued, ”That ’s what I want to ask.
I thought you guys were just assistants? ”

”So you did come after us,” Kim Do-Jin said as he twirled his sword.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Vincent felt the sweat running down his face.

’The injuries I’ve sustained when I let my guard down are too deep. ’ 

Yu-Seong and Do-Jin were both equipped with a sword and a spear, and they seemed formidable and not to be underestimated.
Contrary to the plan, Vincent was the one who was overpowered in this situation.

‘Calm down.
By just observing their movements, I can tell they ’re merely at the A-rank level…
Wait, why do the assistants have the skill level of an A-rank?’

Vincent cursed Yu-Seong inwardly.
He watched Yu-Seong swing his spear and shuddered, thinking that the Spear Skills looked like the movements of a snake.
After observing a few attacks, however, Vincent’s eyes suddenly sparkled.

’Is this guy only at B-rank level? Maybe even just C-rank.
Only the guy with a sword is threatening and too strong.’

Unfortunately, that thought only lasted for a mere moment.
Upon realizing that the strike that had ripped open his side had come from Yu-Seong, he quickly became vigilant.

’No, this guy also has hidden techniques.
I shouldn ’t let my guard down. ’ 

Fortunately, Kim Do-Jin was not joining in and was only watching the fight.

’Is this my chance? ’ 

Vincent ’s eyes sparkled as he began to generate a green poison at his fingertips.
t was a Poison Projection skill.

’I originally planned to use paralysis poison, but… ’ 

Now, Vincent realized that he needed to eliminate one of them.

’I ’ll take out the weaker one first, just in case… ’ 

As Vincent attempted to spread the poison to incapacitate his opponent, Choi Yu-Seong quickly pulled back his spear and backed away to a safer distance.
Then, Yu-Seong asked the observing Do-Jin, ”Hey? Aren ’t you going to help me? ”

”It seems like you ’re doing well enough on your own, ” replied Do-Jin.

”What…? ”

Kim Do-Jin smirked and slowly stepped forward.
”But more importantly…
I don ’t enjoy executing joint attacks.”

Only then did Do-Jin start attacking.

In that short time, Vincent had created a stronger poison than expected, and poured the poison toward the end of Kim Do-Jin ’s sword.

’Iron-rusting poison. ’ 

In fact, Vincent didn’t care who his opponent was.
The only thing that mattered to him was that one of them had to die.

If the sword and Kim Do-Jin touched the poison that could even melt iron, Do-Jin would face certain death.
However, strangely, the sword that touched the iron-rusting poison didn ’t melt away and only vibrated for a little while.

’What on earth is that sword made of? ’ 

Moreover, Kim Do-Jin felt something in that moment and twisted his body to the side, escaping from the range of the iron-rusting poison.
After that, he attacked quickly again.

’I ’m ready now too! Do you think it ’s over once you avoid my poison? ’

Vincent clicked his tongue.
He generated a full load of iron-rusting poison in his bare hands and tried to grab Do-Jin’s sword.

”Dancing Electric Doll. ”

Something shot out of Yu-Seong’s hand, hit Vincent in the back, and suddenly began to release thunder.

For Vincent, who was an S-rank hunter, he only felt a mere sting.
However, he became slightly paralyzed from that attack, and his mobility was momentarily reduced.
Also, his vision was temporarily blurred, and his judgment was scattered for a short time.

In that moment, Kim Do-Jin’s sword moved in a graceful crescent shape and caught Vincent’s wrist.

”…!! ”

Blood splattered into the air.

”Uaaak-! ”

Along with the screams that followed, Vincent’s two eyes became red and swollen.

”These damn kids! I’ll kill you all! ” shouted Vincent furiously.

He then swung his severed arm, sending blood flying in all directions.

The problem was that the objects coming into contact with the corrosive blood began to corrode and dissolve at a rapid pace.
In fact, it was no different for Kim Do-Jin, whose hair was rotting at the tips and falling off.
Even some of the skin mask on his face was melting and flowing down.


”Blood poison? ” Surprised, Yu-Seong also quickly backed away from the blood that was flying toward him.

Kim Do-Jin could no longer think of continuing the battle and retreated as well.

With red eyes, Vincent reached for his wounded right side with his left hand.


”Kaaaa-! ” Vincent screamed as the blood in his hand bubbled and boiled.
”I ’ll kill you, I ’ll kill you! ”

Like a madman, Vincent ’s face twisted like a demon as he ran toward the two men.

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