After leaving a long trail like a falling comet, the ray of light that shone through the pouring rain and the dark night sky finally completely disappeared.

Choi Yu-Seong felt that the big incident had come to an end, and Jin Yu-Ri let out a deep sigh of relief with him.

At that moment, Yoo Jin-Hyuk’s eyes regained their initial light.
He also looked at the trail of light in the sky and muttered in admiration, “Oh… ”

Jumping back down to the apartment through the hole in the ceiling, Yu-Seong stood right in front of Yoo Jin-Hyuk.
He asked, “Have you regained your senses?”

”… ” Yoo Jin-Hyuk looked at Yu-Seong in surprise.

Jin-Hyuk hadn’t been fully conscious, but he also recognized that the situation had been urgent and dangerous.
If it weren ’t for Choi Yu-Seong ’s assistance, Jin-Hyuk would have likely met a tragic end, whether by committing murder or losing his own life.
He had believed that as long as he didn’t have any significant regrets, he wouldn’t care whichever end would claim him.

However, when the critical situation was finally over, and when he thought of the tragic end he could have had, Jin-Hyuk began to shake uncontrollably.
He couldn ’t withstand the short trembling and collapsed on the spot.

”Ah… ” Yoo Jin-Hyuk let out a sigh and struggled to look up at Choi Yu-Seong.
His gaze was blurry.

”You’re going to feel weak for a while since you used up your mana completely and even tapped on your life force.
Actually, it’s strange that you regained consciousness so quickly.”

That… ”

Jin-Hyuk ’s mind was like a blank sheet of paper, completely empty.
However, he had things that he wanted to say.
He just couldn’t think of a way to express them right now.

”I know.
You fool, ” said Choi Yu-Seong as he changed the Pharaoh’s Caprice into a warm blanket and covered the trembling Yoo Jin-Hyuk with it.
He added, ”How could I leave you alone? You’re about to collapse.
Don ’t worry and rest.
I won ’t leave you alone, ever.”

Yoo Jin-Hyuk looked at Yu-Seong with wide eyes.

”I told you.
Even if you can ’t see it, I sincerely care for you, ” said Yu-Seong with a bright smile.
He began stroking Jin-Hyuk ’s wet hair with a warm hand.
Then, he added, ”And remember, who cares if the foundation of goodness is only sympathy? All good intentions start from sympathy, you kid. ”

Yoo Jin-Hyuk began to make a face like an abandoned pet on the streets.
He started to whimper.
”Ahh… ”

His tears flowed alongside the rain falling on his face.
Then, unable to maintain consciousness any longer, he collapsed with his eyes closed.

Naturally, Choi Yu-Seong held Jin-Hyuk in his arms and slowly stood up from his seat.

‘What boy is this light.’

Inwardly clicking his tongue, Yu-Seong smiled when he saw Jin Yu-Ri.
He said, ”Apologies, but would you mind fetching the car? He’s a patient, after all, so I can’t carry him through this rain. ”

”Yes, ” replied Yu-Ri with a nod.
She turned towards the window and threw her body out.


Just as Jin Yu-Ri brought the car through the pouring rain, the rain gradually lightened up.
Looking at the sudden change in weather, Yu-Seong felt rather annoyed that he had asked Yu-Ri to put in pointless effort.

Then, Yu-Seong suddenly remembered and asked Jin Yu-Ri, ”What about Yoo Choong-Ryeol? ”

”Oh, that bastard.
I tied him up in the hallway earlier.
I utilized my skills so he shouldn’t have escaped. ” Yu-Ri laughed while tightly grasping the black rope made by her Shapeshift skill.
Then, she flew into the sky again.

However, when Jin Yu-Ri returned, her expression was not good.
She also came back empty-handed.

”He didn ’t run away, did he? ” Yu-Seong asked in surprise.

“No, he didn’t escape.” Yu-Ri shook her head and shrugged.
She frowned to express her frustration.
”But when I went to find him, he was already dead.”

”What? ”

”He died from shock and excessive bleeding under his tongue.
It’s suicide, ” Yu-Ri said.

”…But why? ” asked Yu-Seong.

Yoo Choong-Ryeol thought that being dragged to prison with unpaid debts was a far more bitter fate than death.
The guild ’s chasers being sent to collect his debt would strip him of everything he had, so perhaps it was better for him to die now.

The two had no idea about Yoo Choong-Ryeol’s entire situation, so they found the middle-aged man’s suicide rather shocking.

Meanwhile, from Choi Yu-Seong’s point of view, another thought came to mind.

’Is this ultimately his fate to die…? ’

If Yoo Choong-Ryeol had followed the original plot of the novel, he should have been killed by Yoo Jin-Hyuk today.
But thanks to Yu-Seong’s involvement in the incident, his life was saved.

And as a result, Yoo Jin-Hyuk caused a Mana Overload and summoned a raid monster, which was eventually defeated by Choi Yu-Seong.

What if Yoo Choong-Ryeol ’s death had led to a return to the original plot? After all, a single change in fate could cause all other variables to deviate.

’…Doesn’t that mean that I am in danger too? ’ 

Choi Yu-Seong had this sudden thought.

He had improved his relationship with Kim Do-Jin to a certain extent, and it seemed that it would take a while for Do-Jin to approach Choi Woo-Jae.
However, Kim Do-Jin would inevitably try to kill Choi Woo-Jae in some way.
This would not change no matter how the plot changed.

’Because Kim Do-Jin is now obsessed with revenge. ’ 

Choi Woo-Jae might ultimately face the death that had been predetermined for him.
Following his death would be, as planned, Choi Yu-Seong’s.

’A predetermined death… ’ 

Choi Yu-Seong got into his car and suddenly checked the date on his phone.

’April 9, 2030. ’ 

The original novel had stated that Choi Yu-Seong’s death was scheduled for around 2032.

For a moment, a cold feeling gripped Yu-Seong’s chest.
However, he knew that he should not be swayed by it.

’I ’m doing well enough. ’ 

He was walking a completely different path from the original Choi Yu-Seong, so he had to trust himself.

’I ’m doing great. ’ 

And he just needed to keep doing well in the future.

Yu-Seong calmed himself down and slowly closed his eyes.
He also needed to get some rest.


When he returned to his lodging, Yu-Seong walked into his room in a daze and immediately lay down on the bed.
He also remembered to request Jin Yu-Ri to take care of Yoo Jin-Hyuk ’s room separately.

As asked, Jin Yu-Ri found Jin-Hyuk a room and put him to bed.
When she walked out of the room, she saw that Chae Ye-Ryeong had been waiting for her by the door.
She asked with a smile, ”Why aren’t you sleeping? ”

”I heard you two suddenly going out. ”

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

”Don ’t worry about it.
I ’m quite strong, unlike my appearance, ” said Yu-Ri.
She raised her thin arm and revealed the muscles hidden beneath her fair skin, bulging to the surface as if showcasing her strength.

Chae Ye-Ryeong looked at Yu-Ri with an amazed expression.
”Wow… If I become an A-rank, would I also have muscles like you, unni? ”

”For those who are Psychic-type players, the body does become stronger as the rank increases.
However, to reach this point, you must also directly train the body. ”

”Ah… Just as I expected! ” said Ye-Ryeong.

”Hahaha, you’re adorable.
As you already know, even if you are a hunter, training is still important.
There are only two reasons why there is a big difference in skill even within the same rank—Inborn talent, and constant training.
Those who are commonly referred to as Super Rookies possess both of these qualities, ” said Yu-Ri.

”That’s why Yu-Seong oppa also trains every morning. ”

When I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is invoke my Shapeshift skill in various forms. ”

”Ah… You can train that way too? ”

”Of course.
Training isn ’t just about moving your body.
See, for example… This is easy for me. ” Jin Yu-Ri spread her hand wide and made a long black whip.

”If I apply it a bit more… ”

After that, Yu-Ri threw the whip up into the air.
The shape of the whip immediately changed into a black curtain, blocking all vision.

”You use your ability like an Alteration skill, ” asked Ye-Ryeong with shining eyes.

“Yeah, basically we divide Psychic-type abilities into various categories.
In fact, if you put in the effort, you can mimic abilities that you weren ’t born with to some extent.
Just like how I ’m mimicking Alteration skill. ”

”Wait, something ’s coming to mind. ” Ye-Ryeong immediately raised a large water droplet in the air with shining eyes.

The water droplet looked harmless, but it had significant pressure.
Upon bursting, its power could knock out most monsters of the same level.

’That ’s the realm of a natural talent. ’ 

Ye-Ryeong naturally had skills that were already far beyond those of a typical player.
However, as always, talent was not limited to just one area.

”If I…change it like this… ”

After gaining inspiration from Jin Yu-Ri ’s ability usage, Ye-Ryeong concentrated and reached out her hand.
Sweat began to bead on her forehead.

In the end, the results were considerable.
The shape of the droplet, which used to be round, had transformed into a sharp spike.

”Got it! This is how it ’s done, right, unni? ” Ye-Ryeong shouted with excitement.

Yu-Ri, after she witnessed the amazing transformation with her own eyes, couldn ’t help but laugh.
”Exactly. ”

”But…it took too long.
To use this in a real battle, I would need to practice a lot like you said, unni, ” said Ye-Ryeong.
She let out a deep sigh and lowered her hand.

The spike of water disappeared into the vast sky.

Jin Yu-Ri shook her head.
”Don ’t be too disappointed.
It ’s normal that you can ’t succeed right away. ”

”Really? ”

”Of course.
Originally, your skill type is Projection skill, but you just used the Alteration skill.
Even for me, it took…
” Jin Yu-Ri closed her mouth and made a bitter face.

’It took a week. ’

Yu-Ri came to realize that talent that had risen from the depths of oneself was truly formidable.
She even thought that it would be dangerous if she didn ’t exert more effort.

In fact, Jin Yu-Ri was also a well-known genius in the entire hunting industry.
She said that it could be ‘done by effort’, but most hunters actually found it almost impossible to imitate other skill types.

And looking at Ye-Ryeong, who had proved her talent by invoking it as soon as she saw an example…

’I have to really put in effort if I don ’t want to be left behind. ’ 

Jin Yu-Ri was consumed by a burning desire to compete.
At that moment, her thoughts turned to Yoo Jin-Hyuk, whom she had just put to sleep.

’No way… Is that person also a preeminent genius like Ye-Ryeong? ’

At first, Choi Yu-Seong was convinced that Ye-Ryeong had incredible talent, so he showed no hesitation in hiring her.
That proved to be true, and Yu-Ri had seen great examples several times with her own eyes.
And when Choi Yu-Seong had asked for an investigation on Yoo Jin-Hyuk, he had expressed similar intentions.

‘He said that he’s a supporter who must be kept close.’

Looking at today ’s incident, it might simply be due to Yu-Seong’s sympathy.
However, Yu-Ri was somehow convinced that he would not make such a decision out of sympathy alone.

’…Even if there was a Mana Overload, how could an unlicensed hunter summon a raid monster? ’ 

Jin-Hyuk would undoubtedly be a genius, perhaps even surpassing Ye-Ryeong in brilliance.

’Maybe an Irregular or Inborn Awakened… ’ 

Yu-Ri pondered.
Her initial plan of retiring to bed after thoroughly cleaning her sticky body completely fell through.

‘If I don ’t do well, I ’ll be replaced by my juniors.
I don ’t have time to sleep.’

Jin Yu-Ri swiftly returned to her room, leaving behind Yu-Ryeong who was absorbed in her newly acquired skill.
It was as if a passion that had been dormant in Yu-Ri’s heart for a long time had been reignited.

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