Episode 16 – Study Group

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After I finished my lunch, I was lazing around and looking at my phone when the bell rang and made a sound [ding dong].
Apparently it was already time for the appointment, and Ayaka’s friends had arrived.

I got up from my bed, opened the camera app from my smartphone and did my hair slightly. 

Then, Ayaka came upstairs and knocked on my room. 

“Onii Chan~are you okay now? You said that you want to meet my friends earlier.”

“Ah, I’m okay.
I’ll be right out.”

After opening the door and asking Ayaka to check if she saw something strange, I moved to the living room. 

Then we went to the living room, and Ayaka started to introduce me to her friends that were sitting down, boasting about me. 

“Now that you’re all here, right? I’m not lying, am I? He’s a really cool brother !”

“The way you introduce me is embarrassing, so stop it.
Hi, I’m Ryouma, Ayaka’s older brother.
Thank you for always taking care of Ayaka.
Is she troublesome?” 

For now I just greet them lightly, and one of the girls stands up and points her finger at me. 

“Ahhhh ! ! ! The Onii San from the convenience store earlier ! ! !”

Looking at it closely, she was the girl who forgot her wallet at the convenience store earlier.

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“Oh? Are you the girl who forgot her wallet earlier? So you were Ayaka’s friend.” 

“Eh? Onii Chan, you know Saki Chan?” 

I was about to answer Ayaka, but I was interrupted by a girl named Saki who seemed excited. 

“Hey hey ! Both of you ! He’s the Onii San that I was talking about earlier ! I can’t believe that he’s Aya Chan’s older brother, isn’t it crazy?” 

“Ah~, no way no way~.” 

“Saki Chan.
I understand, so calm down.
You’re bothering him, you know? For now let’s just introduce ourselves.” 

They introduce themselves in order, starting with Saki who seemed to have calmed down from the excitement. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m sorry that Saki Chan and Hiyori were taking your time today.
My name is Kirishima Misato.
Ayaka Chan always helped us a lot and she never caused any trouble one bit, so rest assured.” 

Kirishima San has beautiful black hair that reaches down to her waist, and perhaps because she wears glasses, she has a strong impression of a class president. 

“Thank you for earlier ! ! I’m Okimori Saki ! I will definitely pay the money back later, um, thank you very much !” 

Saki, the girl that I met at the convenience store, has blonde hair and lightly rolled up at the end of it, and she’s quite flashy for a middle schooler, with piercings and nail polish. 

“Hello~, my name is Tatenashi Hiyori~.
Um, will you be my big brother~? I feel like you’re going to spoil me a lot~.” 

Hiyori, who introduced herself in a softly spoken manner and suddenly asked me to be her older brother, is a bit smaller than the other girls and she looks very young.
She always looks sleepy, but it seems like this is her normal state of mind. 

“N-no you can’t do that Hiyori Chan ! Because Onii Chan is my big brother after all !” 

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“Eh〜 it’s okay just for today〜.
Right〜Ryouma Onii Chan〜.” 

Perhaps amused by Ayaka’s reaction, Hiyori Chan calls me her big brother.

Ayaka heard this and reacted even more.
She hugged my arm while grinning. 

I was somewhat relieved to see Ayaka being liked by everyone, even though I thought they were all quite peculiar girls.

While still menacingly looking at Hiyori, Ayaka removes my arm.

Now that we’ve said our introduction, it’s time for me to leave this place.

“Well, just take your time for now.
I’m going out shopping.” 

After that, I was about to leave.
But then, Saki Chan stopped me

“U-um, Ryouma San ! We’re going to have a study session now.
If it’s alright with you, would you teach me !? The truth is my grades are really bad, so please help me !” 

“W-wait Saki Chan.
We’ll teach you, so don’t bother Onii Chan any more ! I’m sorry for stopping you.
Don’t worry about it, you can go shopping.”

Kirishima San said that while stopping Saki Chan. 

No, I can help you with your studies if you like.
It’s not a big deal.”

I couldn’t abandon Saki Chan, who looked at me with eyes like an abandoned puppy, so I decided to watch her study.

“R-really !? Yay ! !” 

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Seeing Kirishima San smiling at Saki Chan, who was overjoyed, I thought that it was good to not refuse it. 

Once I returned to get my own writing materials, I decided to have the space opened up and begin the study session.


It’s been about an hour since we started studying, and surprisingly, everyone was really focused.
Especially Hiyori.

What a surprise, they say she has the best grades out of all of them.

Saki Chan says that she is not good at studying, which seems to be a typical pattern of not knowing what she doesn’t understand.

However, when she started, she wasn’t terrible at it,and she was able to understand it easily as I taught her. 

“For someone who says that her grades are bad, you’re able to solve the problem easily.
Ah, be careful here, because it’s easy to make calculation mistakes.” 

“I-is that so….ehehe.
But, it’s because Ryouma San’s teaching method is so easy to understand !.” 

That said, I was glad that I had studied so far. 

I never thought that I could help someone by doing something that I only did for her. 

(TL/N : maybe he was talking about Yuina) 

After that, I continued to help Saki Chan with her studies, teaching the other three students along the way and eating cookies that Ayaka had made, and before I knew it, it was around 5:00 p.m.

“It’s getting dark soon, so let’s wrap it up here.
Good work everyone.” 

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“Im sleepy~.
Hiyori did her best~Ryouma Onii Chan praised her~.” 

I pat Hiyori’s head while saying [yes, yes…] (Hai..hai..)

As everyone gets ready to leave and sees me off to the front door, Saki chan asks me again.

“A-ah, contact! Can we exchange ?!!”

So I took out my phone and exchanged contact information with Saki.

“If you have any questions about anything other than what we did today, you can always call me.”

“Y-yes !!! Thanks for everything today~!!”

I waved to the three of them and was about to head back to the house when Ayaka gave me a sullen face and hit my back.

“Seems like Onii Chan is a natural……”

“What is that…”

Finally, Ayaka gave me a somewhat unpleasant nickname, and we ended the day’s study session.




(TL/N : Finally…this WN becomes a normal romcom novel….or so we hoped)

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