I was walking for a while with Igarashi San pulling me by hand, and when we reached a park far from the station, Igarashi San stopped and as soon as she turned to me, she bowed her head vigorously and apologized for some reason.

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“I’m sorry for acting that way on my own !! I talked about Kanzaki San and the hardships you’ve been through as if I knew you… and I couldn’t help myself… uuu…”

I was confused because I didn’t know why she would apologize.
I was rather grateful about what she said earlier. 

“No no ! It’s not Igarashi San’s fault! When Yuina told me there was no way we were dating, I didn’t say anything back.
Rather I’m really thankful because Igarashi San said all those things.

“N-no, you don’t have to be thankful… ehehe.
But,  I’m glad I could help Saeki San.”

I decided to ask Igarashi San, who smiled happily at having saved me, about something that had been bothering me earlier.

“But why did you get so angry ? I believed we only knew each other for 2,3 days…Of course, maybe Igarashi San has that kind of personality, but I have a feeling that there’s more to it than that.
Hey…Have we met sometime before?”

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This may be an overbroad question, but I wanted to clarify a feeling of discomfort that I had felt earlier.

But as soon as Igarashi San looks happy for a moment, she seems to answer it with a fake smile.

“W-what are you talking about? Me and Saeki San have just met just the other day ~.
I also heard about Kanzaki San from Kikuchi San and Akari Chan…”

“But, I feel that the emotion was too much because of that alone..”

“I-it’s just your own imagination !! That’s right ! It was the first time I’d ever been in a relationship, even if it was hypothetical.
I think I just let my emotions get the better of me !! Well, if we had met somewhere in the first place, wouldn’t we have noticed each other in the first place? So it’s all in your mind!”

I guess it’s just my imagination.
No, but I feel like I’ve met her somewhere.
I just can’t be sure.

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As I was trying to remember somehow, I saw two people running from the entrance of the park.

“Ha~~ Finally caught up~~! You’re going ahead of us just like that ! It was so hard to stop Asahi after that ! And you Asahi, you don’t have to look like that anymore !”

“But Akari ! ! it’s because they made a fool of Ryouma even after that…damn, I’m still pissed off !” 

Apparently they were still making fun of me in front of these two guys that I left behind. 

“Asahi, it’s okay now.
Igarashi San already told them that much, I don’t really care about it anymore.
Besides, the fact that you got angry is enough for me.
Thank you for the help that you’ve been giving me up until now.” 

“W-what the heck.
It’s only natural because we are friends ! Don’t say such awkward things so suddenly ! It’s embarrassing !”

I was a little embarrassed by Asahi, who looked a little moved and almost crying, and just as the mood was starting to get somewhat awkward, there’s a sound that comes out from somewhere.

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I thought I heard a very cute sound, and then I saw Akari Chan raising her hand in embarrassment. 

“E-ehehe…I think I’m getting hungry….”

We managed to regain our composure at the sound of Akari Chan’s stomach.
After that, we moved to a family restaurant to eat a little and then the four of us spent some loose time together again. 

In the end, I couldn’t ask Igarashi San anything, but I’ll ask her again when I remember. 

Side story – Koharu

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After arriving at the family restaurant, I sneaked out to the washroom  for a little bit to rack my brain. 

[uh~I’m so stupid, stupid ! Even though Ryouma Kun might have noticed it, why did I try to fool him…it was my chance to thank him for that time.]

It reminded me of that time when me and my family used to go on a trip a long time ago. 

[Ah, but Ryouma Kun was still kind, just like he was back then.
Back at the game center, he got me a stuffed animal, and he even thanked me when I was out of control.
What a surprise…I might like him more and more…Yosh ! I’ve decided ! For now we’re still a temporary lover, but I’m going to make more appeals and confess my feelings to him so that we can eventually become real lovers! Hang in there, me !]


With determination in my heart, I walked out of the restroom, and as I did so, my eyes were locked onto the people who were waiting for me, and I was embarrassed that they heard me, so I said [I’m sorry !] and left that place. 

Uh…so embarrassing…..

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