e of 3 of them ?”

“Hm? Yeah.
I remembered them at that time from my self-introduction. 

I said that with a natural kind of face to Asahi. 

“Hey hey, do you know ! ?” 

“Me, what about me~?”

Then, the other classmates gathered around when they heard our conversation, and  just like that, it became a name-guessing contest  among classmates. 

They were classmates, but on the other hand, there was Yuina.  I don’t know what Yuina said by the time I came, but I think that she did something when I saw Yuina with a little swollen eyes.

However, I didn’t really care about that and continued to converse with my classmates. 


“Ryouma~let’s have lunch with Akari and the others today~.” 

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I was invited by Asahi, so today we moved again to the courtyard.

We met up with Shuri and her friends at the same time.
Then, we started eating lunch.

Then after eating to some extent, I decided to tell the three of them about what happened yesterday after school. 

“Yesterday, I talked to Yuina after school.
She didn’t talk to me today, so it seems that she endured it a little better.
However, since I told her that I had a girlfriend, I may have to bother Igarashi San a little while.
I’m really sorry about that.” 

I told them that I had ended my relationship with Yuina yesterday, and at the same time I told them with my head bowing down that the girlfriend (temporary) thing would still be going on for a while. 

After that, Igarashi San waved her hands and told me to raise my head. 

“No way, I don’t think it’s troublesome ! I’m the one who decided to participate in the first place, and I will cooperate until your situation settles down, Saeki San !” 

“Ah okay, thanks.
That really helps.”

As I was relieved and at ease, the idiot couple came at us while grinning.

They really look alike, these guys.

Some time had passed.
Just as I stood up to go back to the classroom, my hand suddenly grabbed and it almost knocked me off my feet.

“Wew, watch it.
Hmm ? Igarashi San ???

I was confused that she suddenly grabbed my hand.
Igarashi San looked me up and asked me about this morning.

“I heard about this morning from Akari Chan, is it really that you’ve received love letters….?”

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“Ah~, yes.
I’m reading it in my spare time, is there any problem ?”

“If, just if okay ! If the one who writes letters to you confessed to you, what will you do…”

“No? I have Igarashi San, so I’ll say no.
After what happened with Yuina, I don’t want to go out with anyone for a while.”

I totally don’t have any intention of going out with anyone so I’ll say no.

“So, am I good….?”

“Ahh, so like that.
But look, Igarashi San is my girlfriend (temporary), so that kind of thing is not like that with you.
Well, but-”

“T-that’s right…uh…i-I’m sorry I asked you something strange ! Then, let’s go back to the class, Akari Chan !” 

“Eee !? Koharu Chan~! Wait~!”

“Ah, Wait…”

Just as I was about to finish my conversation, they ran off.

“My dear Ryou, you are a truly guilty man.”

( TL/N : he basically said [Ryou yo.
Onushi mo tshumi na otoko ja na.])

I was annoyed by Asahi’s sudden teasing in a hermit-like manner.
I decided to kick Asahi’s ass and head back to class first.

“Aaaaaaaa!!! My ass!!!” 

I’ve been mocked a lot since I’ve dressed like this.
Even so, the way she looked up to me was amazing, as I expected from the number one beauty in school.]

(TL/A : looks like we’ve got ourselves a (finally) good heroine..)

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