told myself that it was okay because you will never leave my side, no matter how I would look someday, I’ve always endured it because you told me so, at least that’s what I thought… ! ! !”

“I-I don’t mean it to be that way for Ryou..”

The conversation kept going stronger, but I just couldn’t stop

“Shut up !!!! and then, you betrayed me !!! You asked me to do it so I did it !!! Who picks someone rather than a long known childhood friend !? You did it !!! Who would listen to someone like that !!!?”

Yuina looked pale while listening to my words.
She just sits there, almost crying.

But, I clearly told Yuina that I want to end this relationship.

“Haaaa, listen.
I will not hear anything you say anymore.
From now on, I have no desire to get involved with you anymore,”

“I-I don’t want that kind of thing ! because we are childhood friends…”

“You are the one who betrayed that childhood friend !! How can you be so selfish !! I’m not that soft to be your childhood friend again !!!”

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I told her that I’m gonna end this even though we are childhood friends.
If I could, I really wanted to use the last card that I didn’t want to use

“Well… we found a new person for each other, it’s fine like this right ?”

“What do you mean with [each other]?”

“You have Sawada, and I found a new girlfriend.
Unlike you, she’s nice and not the kind of girl who forces you to dress weird.
She’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

“T-that’s a lie…”
“I wouldn’t lie in a situation like this.
Well, you should get along with Sawada okay ? I’ll be happy on my own.

Saying that, I opened the rooftop door.
I could hear Yuina crying behind me.
But, I ignored her and left the rooftop.

With an unsettled feeling, I tried to go back to the classroom to get my bag.
On the way, I passed Sawada, who was carrying two bags and heading for the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Why are you running with a desperate face like that? Maybe you’re thinking about Yuina more than I think you should.]

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I watched Sawada’s back and then walked to my classroom.
Then, I saw a female student sitting in front of the classroom with two bags in her hands.
When the girl notices that I’m close by, she smiles, stands up and hands me my bag.

“Why are you here….?”

“Kikuchi Kun told me that we cannot go home together, so I just wait for you here.
Okay, let’s go home together, Saeki Kun.”

Igarashi San said that, held my hand and we began to walk together.

As if to show our relationship from now on.

Step by step, slowly….

(TL/A : Damn…)


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