Chapter 23 – SS A Day in the Life of Satori

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2:00 AM – Wake up, breakfast with Sousuke.

3:00 AM – See Sousuke off at the front door.
Give a “send-off” kiss… No, I got an “I’m off” kiss instead. 

Put away the breakfast dishes, wait for dawn to break while playing with the white fluffy spirits.

6:00-8:00 AM – Watch Sousuke’s news program while sitting on the soles of my feet.

8:00-8:15 AM – Watch morning serial TV drama.

8:15~ – Clean up the room, start the washing machine.
Halfway, make some tea and take a short break.
Study about the human world.

11:00 AM – Go shopping at the supermarket in the neighborhood.
I’m still a little uncomfortable going to crowded places by myself, but I have my good luck charm so I’m okay.

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12:00 PM – Eat a light lunch, …before eating it, take a photo of it with the “phone for kids” that Sousuke gave me, then send it to him.
This was something I was made to promise to Sousuke, because I usually don’t eat lunch.
It’s very difficult to operate the “phone”.

1:00-1:30 PM – Watch afternoon melodrama.


1:30-1:50 PM – Muscle training.
I’m aiming for the six-pack I saw in a commercial! …But, the white fluffy spirits will come and disturb me because they think I’m playing with them.

1:50 PM – Put in the laundry.
Clean the bathroom.
Do this and that around the house.

4:00 PM – Prepare dinner while turning on the news program.

5:00-5:30 PM – Watch anime.

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5:45-6:00 PM – Sousuke comes back.
Try my best to give a “welcome home” kiss… But, I got an “I’m home” kiss instead.
Do the finishing touch for dinner.

7:00 PM – Eat dinner while talking about what happened today.

8:00 PM – Take a bath (sometimes together, sometimes not).
Make out in the living room.

9:00-10:00 PM – In the bedroom we…..



My goal to have a six-pack was later found out by Sousuke when we were watching TV.
For some reason, he begged me to stop with tears in his eyes.

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Satori’s favorite and most important things:


Amethyst pendant.

The memo from Sousuke.

The news program Sousuke appeared on.

The white fluffy spirits.

The Dragon God.

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Ice cream.

TV drama.

Tasty water (also known as Pocari Sweat.)


Satori’s dream:

I hope I can be together with Sousuke forever and ever…

Note: An extra chapter will be posted today because this chapter is quite short.

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