(Isn’t this really bad?)

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rumble rumble… The lightning bolt crawled up across the sky again and struck somewhere nearby.

(Scary, scary, scary… Give me a break, I don’t want to die yet.)

At that moment, the radio in the car informed them that there was a fallen tree ahead and they couldn’t pass through.

“Excuse me, sir.
It seems like there’s a fallen tree blocking the road ahead.”

(That’s why it’s impossible to go any further.
Say that we’re turning back quickly.)

“U-umm, I’ll get off here.”

“Huh? Are you sure you want to get off at this place?”

(He should’ve said that earlier.
It’s not my fault if he gets into an accident or something.
It’s his fault for wandering around outside in this weather.
He had it coming.)

Satori paid the taxi fee, said his thanks, and got out of the car.
The wind was howling and roaring.
As the strong wind and rain were pouring down on him, Satori, who has a light body, felt like he was about to get blown away by them.
If he wasn’t careful, he might get hit with a broken umbrella or a loose sign board.

An indescribable worry and fear drove Satori forward.
He couldn’t calm down until he saw that Sousuke was safe.

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At that moment, Satori was relieved when he found Sousuke who was just getting out of the car in front of the TV station.

I’m relieved.
He’s safe.

Sousuke casually turned his gaze in Satori’s way, then he scrutinized his eyes suspiciously when he noticed Satori.


(No way.
What’s he doing here…?)

Sousuke’s face that was half in doubt in the beginning turned into surprise when he realized that he wasn’t mistaken.

(You idiot!)

Without a moment of hesitation, Sousuke ran out into the rain.
He took off his jacket and put it over Satori’s head.
In a blink of time, the two of them were so soaking wet that it seemed like there wasn’t a speck of a dry spot on them.

“What are you doing here?! It’s dangerous!”

I’m sorry, I…”

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“We’ll talk later.
Come this way for now!”

Sousuke held the shoulder of Satori, who was trying to search for words.
He tried to take Satori to the TV station.
It was at that very moment…

A bolt of large lightning that couldn’t be compared to the ones before, struck a tree that was right next to where Satori and Sousuke were standing.
As the earth rumbled, Satori felt a shock in his body that made it impossible for him to stand.
The trees caught on fire.
The buildings around them lost power one after another, and the area went completely dark.

“Satori, are you okay?!”

(Are you hurt?!)

Sousuke tried to lift Satori up in his arms.
As he tried to follow Satori’s line of sight, he looked up at the pitch-black sky.

“…Is that… a dragon…?”

A massive dragon that filled the sky above with its size, was staring down at Satori and Sousuke with its cold and translucent eyes.

“No way, that’s not possible.” The thought that was almost similar to fear came from Sousuke.
It doesn’t mean that he doubted Satori’s words, but Sousuke couldn’t believe what he was actually seeing in front of his eyes.

“Dragon God…”

Sousuke gasped at Satori’s muttering.

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“Is it really a dragon…?”

(Isn’t Dragon God the man from back then…? Is this not some kind of mistake…?)

The Dragon’s eyes that were as clear as ice glanced at Satori.
Its silvery-white eyelashes blinked slowly. 

Satori realized that the “time limit” had finally come.

His chest felt painful.
He thought that he was ready for this moment a long time ago, but the more he fell in love with Sousuke, the more greedy he became, wanting to spend more time with him.

Satori never thought he would ever come to like someone so much.
After he met Sousuke, Satori found out for the first time that if he fell in love with someone, his chest would become painful during the times where he couldn’t see them.
It was sad; it wasn’t only fun and good times.

The tiny spirit that couldn’t find his meaning to live, who didn’t know the reason why he was born, and who spent his days aimlessly, finally learned many things after he met Sousuke.
Satori’s days are now sparkling, precious, and shining.

He never thought that Sousuke would actually return his feelings.
He didn’t expect such a thing would happen to him.

For Satori, meeting Sousuke was a miracle.

Satori liked him very much; Sousuke was the most important thing to him.

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–I hope you’re always in the best of health and happiness…

“Sousuke, thank you for everything.
I was so happy I’m able to meet you.”


Satori took off the stone necklace that Sousuke had given him in the past and placed it in his palm.

(…What are you talking about?)

Sousuke felt uneasy because Satori was acting differently from usual.

“–How boring.”

Along with a vibration that shook the air, a voice could be heard.

“Is the wish of the tiny spirit after he sacrificed everything could only result in this?”

Dragon God…?

“I did not have high hopes for a mere human from the start, but this outcome is exactly like what I had predicted, how boring.”

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