A white fluffy spirit jumped around Satori as if it was worried about him.

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A blanket was being softly wrapped around him, then Sousuke hugged him through the blanket.
Sousuke gently patted his back, as if to comfort him.

“It’s alright, Satori.
I won’t do any single thing that you don’t like.”

The look on Sousuke’s face didn’t indicate that he was angry with Satori in the slightest.

(I’m sorry I’ve scared you.)

Satori’s heart fluttered at Sousuke’s gentle concern for him.

“I-I-I thought you were going to hate me…”

(…Hate you?)

“Why would you think that way?”

“Whe-when you kiss me, my body becomes weird…”

Sousuke furrowed his eyebrows at Satori’s words.

“Weird like what?”

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(Was it a problem to kiss a spirit? Maybe it’ll cause something bad towards Satori’s body…? Wait, who should I even ask about those things…?)

“I felt something like goosebumps around my waist, my chest tightens, and my thing… my thing down there…”

As Sousuke heard that, he made a dubious face.

“It suddenly becomes hard just like before, and I-I wet myself…!”

Gathering up his courage, Satori said all those words at once.

“Ah… Well, you see, Satori…”

As Satori thought that Sousuke was unusually stammering, suddenly Sousuke’s face turned red.

“Ju-just give me a sec…”

Sousuke held out his hand in front of Satori, then covered his face with the other hand.
However, his cheeks that peeked from the gap between his fingers had turned bright red up until his earlobes.
Sousuke suddenly grabbed a cushion that was on the sofa and pressed his face against it in front of Satori.

(Uwaa…! What’s with this cute creature…?! Seriously…?!)

Satori was truly surprised when Sousuke suddenly shouted in his mind, as if he was about to start rolling on the floor.


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Satori gaped his mouth open.

When Sousuke noticed Satori’s gaze, he coughed as if to cover up his embarrassment.
Then he laughed happily.

Satori’s heart skipped a beat.
He felt like his heartbeat became even faster than before.

“Did you dislike it when I kissed you before?”

Satori shook his head.

“Then, do you feel grossed out with what I did to you after that?”

Satori turned a little bit red, then denied it too.
He didn’t feel disgusted by it, it even felt good.

Sousuke muttered “Good,” then scooped up Satori’s leg and lifted him from the side.
Then he carried Satori, who panicked and clung onto him, to the bed.

(I’m done mulling things over.)

“I’m about to make love to you now.
I’m doing this because I like you, you’re precious and dear to me.
I want to love you and make you feel good.
But you don’t have to force yourself to go along with me.
If you don’t like it, feel grossed out, or uncomfortable even just a little bit, tell me immediately.
I won’t hate you for something like that.”

Sousuke said that while looking at Satori’s eyes.
Sousuke’s words were always so modest, truthful, caring for his feelings, and it went straight into Satori’s heart.

His chest was burning.

Until he met Sousuke, Satori had always been ashamed of his existence.
He thought that he would never be loved or needed by anyone.

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Sousuke’s words told him that he liked him without any pretense.
Those words told him that even Satori, the spirit that was hated by anyone, was allowed to stay and live here.
Then, it also made Satori feel the meaning of his existence.
He never imagined something like this would happen to him.

“Satori? Sato…”

As Satori cried without a voice, Sousuke looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“…You didn’t cry because you don’t like it, right?”

Sousuke asked while looking worried, then Satori smiled as tears were spilling down his face.
He rubbed his eyes, not wanting his tear-stained vision to blur Sousuke’s face.
After that, he looked straight at Sousuke’s face and answered.

“I like you too, Sousuke.
I really like you.”

Satori felt that Sousuke was going to kiss him.
As a shadow fell in front of his face, Satori closed his eyes spontaneously.

Sousuke’s tongue slid into Satori’s mouth, traced the rows of his teeth, licked around the spot where Satori was feeling it before, and twined around and sucked Satori’s tongue.
The saliva that he couldn’t swallow spilled from the edge of his mouth, and it made wet squelching sounds.

(Satori is feeling it.
So cute, so cute…)

The constant stream of words coming from Sousuke was so embarrassing.
Yet, it was as if his head had gone blank, and he couldn’t think clearly.

As Sousuke pulled his face away, a thread of saliva stretched out between them, and Satori blushed.

(The edge of his eyes is becoming red, it’s so tempting.
He had such beautiful eyes, I wonder why he always hides them.)

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At that moment, Sousuke’s fingers which had slipped in from the hem of Satori’s clothes pinched the tip of Satori’s chest.
Even though nothing would come out even if Sousuke touched that place, every time Sousuke’s finger touched his chest he felt a shiver around his waist again.

(His nipples are turning hard.
It’s so stiff, just like some kind of fruit.
It’s such a pretty pink color; this should be illegal.)

Satori blushed.
As his whole body was dyed red with embarrassment, he tried to hide his face by crossing his arms in front of it.


(What’s wrong? You don’t like it?)

“I-I’m fine.
I’m fine, but it’s embarrassing so please stop it…”

“What do you mean by ‘it’?”

Sousuke raised his body and moved Satori’s arm that was hiding his face.

“Sa-saying all of those things out loud…”

(By ‘out loud’… does he mean saying it in my head?)

Sousuke brushed Satori’s bangs up.
Satori was upset as he blushed because his face that was always kept hidden was exposed.
Then, Sousuke kissed Satori, who glared at him intensely, in the lips.


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