for laundry’ written on this, yeah? If you don’t know which one is the laundry detergent, just read it.”

There were some kind of letters written in the place pointed by Sousuke’s finger.
But Satori, who couldn’t read human letters, didn’t know what was written there.
Instead, Satori stared at the bottle being held by Sousuke.
He compared it with the other bottles and remembered the differences in shape and color.
Now, he had remembered it.

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Seeing Satori nodding his head, Sousuke measured the contents of the bottle with a small bottle cap and put it in the washing machine.

“Then, select a course …Well, I guess the standard course is fine for now.
Close the lid, then press the start button.”

When Sousuke pushed the button, the washing machine started to work properly.
Satori unconsciously shouted with excitement.

Wow!  Sousuke is so amazing!

As Satori looked at him with sparkling eyes, Sousuke looked a little bit embarrassed.

“…Well, it’s not something to be praised for…”

While fidgeting shyly, Sousuke urged Satori to the living room.

After that, Sousuke taught Satori how to wash the dishes and how to use the vacuum cleaner.

Then they took a break and sat next to each other on the sofa.
Satori, of course, had the ‘tasty slightly colored water’, and Sousuke had the usual beer in his hand.
Sousuke opened the can and drank it as if he was enjoying it a lot.

Will he be okay? If it was that bitter, wouldn’t Sousuke’s mouth become weird because of it?

Satori nervously stared at him with a side glance.
Sousuke turned his head to Satori, perhaps having noticed his gaze.
Sousuke grinned and asked Satori if he wanted to drink some beer.
Satori hurriedly shook his head, then Sousuke burst out laughing.
Satori wondered what was so funny while Sousuke kept laughing while covering his mouth with the back of his right hand.
For some reason, he felt like he was being laughed at, but if Sousuke was happy then he was happy with it too.

As Satori sipped the tasty colored water with a smile on his face, Sousuke stopped moving all of a sudden.
Sousuke suddenly looked at him with a serious face, and he was startled.

(I wonder where he came from? How has he been living all this time? Just how…?)

Unable to respond to Sousuke’s thoughts coming from beside him, Satori looked down.

All of a sudden, the evening sky could be seen outside the window.
A delicious smell drifted in from somewhere, and Satori’s stomach growled.
He held his stomach and rubbed it with his hand.
Satori didn’t have any feeling of embarrassment that his growling stomach was heard by others.

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Satori was a spirit, so he wouldn’t die even if he didn’t eat.
But he also felt hungry just like humans, so he thought that it was weird.

Once again, Satori’s stomach growled.
This time it was very loud.

Satori tilted his head and rubbed his stomach again.

At that moment, a laughing voice could be heard from beside him.
Satori turned his head, wondering what was going on.
What he saw was Sousuke, who was clutching his stomach, struggling to hold back his laughter.

“…Your stomach is protesting so loudly, it’s asking for food.” Sousuke rubbed the tears from the corner of his eyes with his fingers.
“Let’s go get something to eat for now,” Sousuke said as he got up from the sofa.

The clothes that Satori had been wearing up until now were being washed, so he had to borrow Sousuke’s clothes.
Sousuke was standing in front of the closet with a difficult face before finally pulling out a very simple white T-shirt and jeans to give to Satori.

“Try putting these on.”

Satori took off the clothes he had borrowed last night to use as pajamas and picked up the clothes Sousuke had prepared for him.
He put on the T-shirt through his head, then put on the jeans.

As I thought, it’s too big on you, but oh well.
Good thing it’s summer now.”

Sousuke mumbled something as he rolled up the hem of Satori’s pants.

“…We have to go shopping first thing on my next day off.
We have to buy some clothes that you can wear…”

Satori tilted his head.
He didn’t understand what Sousuke was talking about, but he was incredibly happy that he could do something together with Sousuke.
Right now, the Sousuke that he had always wanted to meet was right beside him.

As Satori smiled silently, Sousuke let out a small sigh.
Then, Sousuke scratched the back of his head, as if he was troubled about something.

“Let’s go.”

After a while, Sousuke’s inner voice that said he decided on ramen for today’s meal could be heard.

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