Chapter 8


“Such a pitiful child.
If you didn’t come here, what could have happened to you…”


Yoo held on to Haehwa’s little hand in regret.
Such a hand was small enough to fit in her own hand.
I felt that the child’s life would not have been smooth because her skin was rough.


“What’s wrong with this kid? It’s a sin being born in a powerless country.”


“How could I be born in an age where it was better to marry a man, whose identity is unknown, rather than getting sent away? Now, there are even occasions where a wedding is being held with the family in home thinking of divorse.”


“If you really don’t like it…then you don’t need to, I just don’t want to be a princess anymore.
You can just return me afterwards.”


After her words there was a dead silence.
I don’t want to become a flower that couldn’t even bloom once and just died in a war barrel.


After the heavy silence, Cheongwoon’s closed mouth eventually opened.


Until the public selection is over, I’ll look after you.”


“If you just take me as a wife…”


“Do you want to leave again?”




Haehwa shook her head quickly when she heard him.


Cheongwoon hoped that all of this would be a dream.
But, the tingling in my head didn’t show any sign that the headache would subside.


“The room below will be prepared.”


“Yeah! Thank you.” After seeing the child and his parents who were relieved in their hearts, Cheongwoon seemed to be even more confined. 


In the end, the tears and begs of the parents, who don;t want their daughters to be taken away, the process of dragging women who have already been chosen, and the mission as a General to protect the people of this country.
All of which have already strangled Cheongwoon’s neck.
In the end, after feeling frustrated, Cheongwoon left the room.


In any case, from now on, under his own protection, this child would not be elected as a princess right now.


It was after this complentation, did he took a bath to get rid of the bloody smell on his body.
Cheongwoon then returned to his room and lost his words when he saw Haehwa inside the room.

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