Chapter 7


Then, I heard Mrs.
Yoo, who came into the room, covering her mouth.




Cheongwoon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and raised his eyes sharply. 


“Do you still want to live, ah!” 

“Where did you learn to say that?”


“The sister next door…told me that I must say that…If you’re a man, you’ll love it unconditionally…”


Gradually, Haehwa’s voice lost confidence. 


“Isn’t it?”


Cheongwoon touched his stiff neck at the sound of the small murmur while tilting his head.




Somehow, I got caught by a child like this.
Haehwa, who had been stunned for a while, started planning once again, and raised her strengths with a confident voice.


“Still! It’s better to be younger, you know.”


“Be quiet.”


Of course, she was scared to speak up and was immediately ignored by Cheongwoon.
Cheongwoon raised his eyes fiercely and stared at Haehwa.
Haehwa closes her mouth tightly at the gaze that makes her so obvious, but she pouted her lips out.


“Chi…better than older ones, well.”


What on earth should I do with this? I barely took my breath away, but a problem I hadn’t thought of popped up.
In the first place, he did not bring this child into the house with a sense of compassion and a sense of justice as a General.




Yoo, seeing Cheongwoon’s gesture, opened her mouth, but the child right in front of her spoke first.


“I will die” 


I wonder if this child has really come all the way here.


Tears formed in her eyes.


“Why don’t you just accept it? You don’t even have a fiancé anyway.
It’s just like saving a child…” 


It was that time when they had already been sending princesses for a long time.


In fact, few people married early and continued their married life until the end.
Not only was it impossible to marry at a very young age, but all they just needed was to get “married”.
With that alone, women from this country could escape being taken to the other countries.

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