Chapter 6


He asked with an absurd expression.


“You…do you even know who I am?”


“Yeah! The reaper of the battlefield! Yeonhae-guk* goblin! You are General Yoon Cheongwoon.
You saw it! Now I just escaped them, but if the General doesn’t marry me, I’ll definitely be selected as a princess!”


(Yeonhae – A country in which the coastal sea is standing by the sea.
So, basically it’s translated as the coastal country’s goblin.
But it sounds funny, so I just let it be.)


“Since the General isn’t married yet, so… do it with me, marry me! Please marry me, General!”


She shouted so loudly that everyone around him was staring at Haehwa and Cheongwoon.
Damn it.
Cheongwoon, with a short tongue*, eventually pulled Haehwa and stepped into the house for a while.


(Short tongue – tendencies to speak malicious words.
Basically, our ml wanted to curse XD)


There was only one reason why Cheongwoon still hasn’t married within his twenty years.
It was himself. 


In his life where he doesn’t know when and where he will die.
He was famous for his longevity* with better blood, and was called the reaper of the battlefield.


(Longevity – long life; ML since he volunteered to become a soldier until he became a General could be said to be a myracle soldier who managed to stay alive despite the constant war.)


I didn’t want to get married because, I thought of not making any blue-haired* widow, who would not even know when I die in a difficult situation…


(Blue-haired – elderly woman.
Blue-haired described having white or gray hair.)


“How old are you?”


Haehwa responded quickly to the fact that he was interested in her.




“Can’t you tell me honestly?”


Sixteen is a lie.
Cheongwoon’s eyes sharpened.
Then, Haehwa glanced at Cheongwoon’s eyes and turned her eyes away.


“…I’m 12 years old.”


Then, she is…


“A little, no… I’m a little younger…I…”


Only then did Mrs.
Yoo estimated the age difference between her son and Haehwa.
It was a whopping ten years difference.
Haehwa, who thought the situation was going against her, opened her mouth urgently.


“But you can do whatever you want! Do whatever you like, General!”


“Ha, what the hell can I do?”


At best, I could cook rice or do laundry.
He drinks tea while thinking.
Haehwa clasped her hands and shouted loudly.


“Sleep! I can do it until the General is bored!”


“Good luck.


Cheongwoon spit out the tea he was drinking.

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