d it have to do with me?”

“Would you like to marry me?”


“Yeah! That’s it!”


Haehwa nodded as if waiting for those words.
Her home is poor, so she has neither money to pay dowry nor a situation in which she can marry an unmarried man.
But the General in front of me is scary, but he is a single man who is well known in the city.
Besides, he has a lot of money, so she doesn’t even need a dowry.


Above all, no matter how terrifying the General is, it is one hundred and a thousand times better than being dragged to the riot under the name of a princess.
Yes, it’s the main battlefield.
‘Hold on to your pants and stretch it until you can’t.’ She can’t be dragged as a princess like this.


Haehwa squeezed her hands and shouted in a rather loud voice while shaking.


“Me, please marry me!” Anyway, I told the officers that I had married him.
If they don;t believe in it, then I have to make it true anyway, that’s all.
Indeed, the current situation was pushing her to become the wife of a warlord.
This is a good opportunity for her.


Cheongwoon unexpectedly asked something in confusion.

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