“Hey, Cheongwoon.” 

Under the unspoken pressure, Cheongwoon seemed to be distracted.
He looked down at the child who was sticking close to him with fluttering eyes.

So, the whole story goes like this — “This is my husband! General Yoon Cheongwoon!”

After the child shouted crazy words, Cheongwoon sent the officers back.
Even if this child escapes, under the guarantee of Cheongwoon that he will take responsibility, the officers retreated, pledging to him many times.
After confirming that the officers had disappeared, Cheongwoon looked down at Haewa, who was still holding him.

“The officers were gone, so let me go now.”

“Let me go.
The blood of those who have already gone down the road…does it smell so good?”

At that, the child finally raised her head.

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