Chapter 3


“There she is!”


The soldiers, who found the girl, quickly rushed to Cheongwoon.
They recognized Cheongwoon’s face and quickly prepared an example.


“Greetings, General!”


Cheongwoon recognized them at once.
They were the executors who proceeded with the recruitment of public daughters.
Cheongwoon’s eyes confirmed their identity and the atmosphere cooled down.


“What are you doing?”


“Ah, that’s…well, this is a princess who should be going to war, but she suddenly runs away?”


She’s a princess…That’s why she was screaming to let her go.
At the officer’’s explanation, the child who was still embracing her good luck charm trembled.
The back of her hand was so white from the strength she exerted.


“Then after we have the woman, we will go.” The officer wanted to quickly clear up the situation.
Even if this damn girl runs away, what did she have to go to a high-ranking officer? They even felt nervous receiving Cheongwoon’s gaze.


Wasn’t he that man? The man in front of him was the long-lived man who killed people without blinking his eyes.
It was said that his martial arts had already touched the sun, so he was a man that should be careful not only on the battlefield but also in private.


“Drag and come.”


As the officer beckoned the soldiers standing behind him, they began to move.


Meanwhile, Cheongwoon was worrying about the situation he fell into.
Obviously, they were just doing their own job, but it all felt unworthy in front of Cheongwoon.


‘Damn it.’


Above all, she is a princess.
Do I have to give this child away like this? Even though he knew well that he was not allowed to intervene, the images of the women who had been selected as princesses he had seen a while ago passed in front of his eyes.


Cheowoon’s hand gathered and released more strength.
Eventually, just as he was about to open his mouth, the child shouted, rebelling against the soldiers pulling her down.


“I said I was married!”


“What nonsense are you saying right now!”


“Are you not coming?!”


“No! I can’t be dragged away like this.
I haven’t even said goodbye to my father yet-!”

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