Chapter 2


‘Is today the period of sending a princess?’ I forgot for a moment.
Once a year, the officials will travel all over the villages to collect women to be sent as princesses in the war.
And now, the time when he returned after finishing the battle was the duration for recruiting princesses.


(Princess in this novel, should not be referring to Princesses in the Royal family.
They should be the women who were chosen to be the tribute to the other countries.
So, any women who were taken (by forced or not) were called princesses.
They were to be sent to other countries as tributes or serve the soldiers in the battlefield.)


There was a disturbance between the soldiers who tried to take the woman and the families who wouldn’t let go of their daughter when Cheongwoon’s eyes reached the place.


There were peasants who were beaten to death while they were trying to pull away the woman who was chosen as a princess, while others were dragged out and beaten up by the soldiers after being caught in hiding.


Cheongwoon clenched his fist.
What else can you do after winning a war and coming back? All you can do is kill more enemy troops and reduce the number of princesses being sent. 


It was when he came home with heavy steps, the servant, who was waiting for Cheongwoon to come back, quickly ran out in front of the gate.


“Did you come back, Master.
I’m glad you’re okay.”


“It’s okay.
Has nothing happened in the meantime?”


“Of course, since the Master is coming back, everyone is waiting for you.”


“Let’s go in.”


When Cheongwoon was about to enter the house, it was at that moment, a sudden noise rang out.
A girl’s scream sounded loud, and Cheongwoon’s eyes sharpened in an instant.


“Hate! Let go! Release me!”


Cheongwoon was looking around to find the source of the scream, when he heard a voice shouting “Chase!” along the sound of the noise gradually coming towards Cheongwoon’s direction. 


The sound of running footsteps thumped and thumped the earth, and it was coming this way!


Within that short notice, Cheongwoon tried to put his hand on the sheath of his sword in case of something unknown.
Then, something popped out of the road and suddenly hugged Cheongwoon, surprising him.




Cheongwoon lowered his head, thinking how fortunate that he did not manage to pull out his sword.


It was none other than a young girl holding me. 


The child didn’t even care about Cheongwoon’s armor covered in blood, but rather she gave more strength to her arms instead.

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