I be able to stand by your side?”


Cheongwoon clicked his tongue briefly at Haehwa’s cry and protest.
Then he lightly flicked Haehwa’s forehead with his finger.




Haehwa hurriedly grabbed her forehead.
“How do you hit my forehead?”


“I’ll do it!”


“So excited.
You’re still ten thousand years too early to come close to me.”


If you want to hang out with me, you’re still ten thousands years early.”


“Not that much!”


“A thousand years! That’s too far!


Where to put this?”


“Was it okay?”

“Then, let’s go to the yard!”


Cheongwoon lightly picked up the basin and headed to the yard.
Yoo and the gasols who were finishing the dye work had discovered him stood up.



It was when Mrs.
Too was about to ask about the cloth Haehwa was cleaning, when Haehwa came out from behind Cheongwoon’s back.


“My Husband helped.”




Each and everyone looked at them with meaningful expression.

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