, and she was carrying something that was heavy as her body.
There is a lot of cloth that had been dyed during the day and Cheongwoon was thinking that it would be pretty heavy with water.


And just as expected, Haehwa, which had been struggling to move step by step, eventually tripped with her own feet and fell as it was.




Haehwa, who screamed briefly, tried to stand up straight away with her tangled feet.


When she stood up, Cheongwoon, who tried to help, watched her silently for a moment.
Haehwa put the spilled cloth in the basin of water, and tried to soak it again.




But I once again lost my strength, and it was difficult to stand up again.
Nevertheless, Haehwa still tried to carry the heavy basin.


I (Cheongwoon) heard her put it down several times.
In the end, Cheongwoon, who could not watch any longer, stood in front of her.




“What are you doing with your mouth open? You have to ask adults to do this.”


“…can do it too.” Haehwa shook her head, avoiding his gaze.

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