Chapter 26

Meanwhile, Rahee hugged Haehwa tightly.
In the arms of Rahee, who had just passed her last year (around 20 years old), Haehwa, who had just come by, went into her arms.
Haewha held Rahee’s hand in front of me.
“I like this girl too.”
How could you not say something about my cute new sister?”
If it wasn’t enough to just hold, Rahee rubbed her cheeks against Haehwa’s soft cheeks.
It was so annoying that Cheongwoon, who kept seeing this scene, felt that it was no longer absurd.
This is what he saw as soon as he returned home.
“Why does the child who has already married come often to my family?”

She was also a woman who had married five years ago, and already had two sons, who
were like a rice cake toad*.
(Rice cake toad/ mochi toad – 떡 두꺼비 /tteog dukkeobi/ A term used to describe a newborn boy who is
covetous, white, and flimsy.
He didn’t know where and what news she heard but from that day on, Rahee continued to wander around Haehwa in and out of her family.
Rahee frowned at Cheongwoon.
“I’m sorry.
This is my house too?” “I have to tell your husband to take you back.”

“Oh, this hunk.
I didn’t come to see my brother either! I came because of my new sister.” That’s no better.
Haehwa from Rahee’s arms smiled as he looked at him.
“Actually, I was going to dye the cloth with the young lady.”
When I turned my head, there was really a mess of dye all over the yard.
Cheongwoon’s eyes narrowed as he was scanning the yard.
“..I thought you were playing.” “No!”
Haehwa’s face, who strongly denied it, was also colored with dye.
So, for a moment I thought that she was less reliable.
Haehwa ran to the corner and took a price of cloth and put it in front of him.

It must have been a white cloth before, and now became a completely reddish color.
“Look at this!”
“Pardon, should I take it?”
“You have no sincerity!”
What’s with this man’s indifference? Haehwa got angry at Cheongwoon.
She seemed to be quite angry, as her lips kept pouting out.

Where was the little girl who used to cry when he saw her on the first day , and now she is trying to play on his head.
It was not only Cheong-woon who was surprised.
“Wow…my new sister is amazing.
I’ve never seen anyone get angry with my brother before.”
And also, the one who was yelling was just 12-years-old.
Rahee naturally clapped in admiration, while Cheongwoon had a headache.
The situation I was hoping for is not like this, but things could always go wrong, and not everything will go according to what I’m intended to.
“Okay, so how did you get your new title?”
Apart from everything else, this was the one that kept me bothered from before.
Who is your new sister? Seeing not only Rahee called her that, but also Haehwa and the servants were listening to it all with familiarity.

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