ate such a situation.
How the hell did this little kid, amongst so many guys out there, go flying around towards me? I’m just a swordsman who only knows the country and the war.
Cheongwoon’s eyes as he looked at Haehwa deepened.
There is only one thing you can do for this child.
“Wait for the moment.”

To get my country out of this humiliating situation and to end this long and boring war as soon as possible.
Only that.
If so, this little kid won’t even have to wander in search of a husband.

The Haehwa that Cheongwoon watched so far was really innocent, and she has no cunning mind.
She was just a child, and she didn’t just want to stick close to himself, but also get close to everyone in the household.

In just a few days, all the servants, even his parents, looked at her as if she was their daughter.

Cheongwoon, who came back after a while, saw his younger sister, Rahee and Haehwa greeted him together as if they were waiting for him.
“Brother, my new sister is so cute.” “You know?”

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