doesn’t accept it? Then must, since it was for her best.
After drinking, Haewha was sitting next to Cheongwoon’s futon, dozing off.
Haewha noticed that Yoo Cheongwoon had come in, and opened her mouth in her dreamless sleep.
“Did you have fun?”

“Did you grow up?”

“I do not like it.
I want to sleep together.” “And I Just grew up.
I’m just not tall.”
‘What stubbornness is this?’
Cheongwoon briefly clicked his tongue out of displeasure.
Haehwa tried hard to open her eyes, but everything went back in vain.
She was quite sleepy, and finally fell asleep on the blanket.
While saying that, you can’t even hold on to the…”

I lie down.
Even though I drank quite a bit, I couldn’t fall asleep easily.
While he counted for a thousand for a moment, Haehwa rolled around and approached him.
She’s trying to sneak in again! Cheongwoon immediately tried to push her away, but even though Haehwa was sleeping, she still held onto him so that she could not fall from his side.
“I… don’t throw me away.
I’ll do better.” It was a sincerity that she couldn’t hide even when she was sleeping.
Haehwa was always nervous about whether he would abandon her.
Even if all the people in the family have a good impression on me, what’s the point of that if Cheongwoon hates me? What she longed for was Cheongwoon’s interest and affection.
That was her only request.
“…do it.”

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