eongwoon slightly rotated the wine cup that Haehwa had just poured in.
Transparent liquid inside the cup swimmed round and round in the cup.


“Did your mother say that too?”


“What? Ah.
Alcohol? No…that’s what my mother told me.”




As if I had heard something I shouldn’t hear, the cup that was spinning stopped.


My mother allowed me to call her that way.” 


“Mother-in-law? Ha…”


Soon, Cheongwoon fell silent.
When did my mother become the mother-in-law of this child, and did they get close enough to even say that? Come to think of it, I think I’ve been stuck with her all these days.
It’s also good to be tricky.
As for his affinity to the child, it is commendable that Gunwoong is crying too much.


Now that’s it, you should go out.
Don’t wait, sleep first.”


“Call me if you need anything.” Haehwa left the room, looking a bit rude until the moment she left.
After confirming that she had gone completely


Gunwoong opened his heavily closed mouth.
“You got a great wife, Cheongwoon.” Gunwoong laughed and then smiled bitterly.

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