Chapter 22


“I’ll be much more friendly.
What’s more? I’ll cherish you more than what you expected.
So, how is it?” 


He expressed it quite well, and Gunwoong praised himself.


Instead of answering, Haehwa sneakily avoided him.
Soon after, she went to Cheongwoon, and grabbed his strong arm.
Then she eyed him glances full of disbelief.


Gunwoong asked, unaware of the reason.
“What is it? Why are you looking at me with those eyes?”


“It’s a bad thing to harass a child!”


“Harassment?! I mean it!”


“But I like *Seobangnim!”


(Seobang-nim – /서방님/ is a traditional word which is used to call her husband.)


At the same time, she gave more strength to her hand that held Cheongwoon’s arm.


One way or another, I don’t like both.
Still in this situation, Cheongwoon’s lips fluttered satisfactorily when she said that he was better than Gunwoong, that stupid man.
No such thing is better than him.


On the other hand, Gunwoong was still insisting.
He really couldn’t understand.


“Why not? No way, Cheongwoon, my friend, did you…”




He couldn’t find any hesitation in his answer.
What is this? At this point, both Gunwoong and Cheingwoon felt that they did not understand each other.


“Then why is she like that right now?” 

“I’m the one who has already been seen by my wife once.
So, I will keep my fidelity in check!”


 “You want to have infidelity with a twelve year old?” I thought there was a big reason and all.


“What does age matter with infidelity!”


“Cheongwoon, don’t play with someone like that!” Haehwa was almost on the verge of crying. 


Cheongwoon, who was unable to see if her anger was not resolved, or was just not able to dissolve it, finally set out to intervene.


“I’ll use it for something when it’s ringing.”


“Both are just the same.
Stop doing this, Gunwoong.
How do you play like a kid?”


“Are you really twelve years old? I mean, you don’t look like it.
No, are you crying?”


Cheongwoon could not deny that.
In other words, it is impossible to become an adult already, but she gives off a mature atmosphere.
Cheongwoon tried to get a bottle to pour alcohol, but Haehwa quickly picked up the bottle first.

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