Chapter 21

Haehwa gave them one cup each.


“General, let’s eat some of this, and you guys can fight later.”


Surely her words worked well.
Gunwoong stopped moving for a moment at her unexpected words.




“If you’re hungry, you won’t have the strength to fight.” 

“It’s not that I’m stopping you from fighting.
I just mean that, eat first and fight after.
Then you can fight as long as you eat.”


At the appearance of Haehwa, who smiled and responded with an innocent face, Gunwoong tried hard to hold back his laughter.


“You should tell me not to fight that man.”


Haehwa looked forward with a serious expression and nodded humbly.


“You have to fight when you’re young, where would you use your strength when you’re old?


“Pu ha ha ha ha.”


It was the perfect defeat for Gunwoong.
He forgot the pain in his body, and again, grabbed the pillow and rolled around.
Even though I laugh for a long time, I can’t stop myself from laughing.
Gunwoong was still laughing, but the back of Cheongwoon who was sitting next to him was stiff.


“Your twelve years old wife is amazing!”


“Stop laughing.”


I just roll around saying that only I, Gunwoong is good, and Cheongwoon’s ear that looks like an oyster was a complete shit. 


Why does this guy come here and keep laughing like a guy with a hole in his lungs? However, the more he laughed, the more he couldn’t stop laughing.


His personality is just like this, he would have popped out fifteen times even though the bottle already popped out of his mouth…


Gunwoong, who barely stopped laughing, looked back at Haehwa.


“You know, sister-in-law, do you want to marry me? At least I would be better than him.”




Haehwa’s eyes were like bells, screaming about what he was talking about.
Hmmm, Gunwoong, who had refined his voice, opened his mouth, hiding his smile.
It was a very serious moment for me too.


“Although, I already have a wife, twice.
No, four wife…”


“I do not like it!” I said what I mean.
Haehwa, who didn’t want to hear anymore, cut his words firmly before he finished his words.
“I like to be the first wife!”


“Hey.” Cheongwoon, who was just listening to it, made an absurd expression.
So, you’re that my first wife who came to me now?


“You are so smart.
Yes, not stupid at all.
For a woman, it is natural to want to be the first in any man, But I can do better than that man.”


“What can you do well?”


“I will give all that my wife wants.
Of course, more than that indifferent guy.”

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