Chapter 20 


“I can’t believe that I went to the battlefield together with such a man! I have to bring you to Your Majesty, right now!” I just said this, but in reality, the Majesty would not have any say about this.
Rather, he may even give him wealth by saying that he has finally established a family.


Feeling annoyed, Cheongwoon slapped his hand.
Gunwoong’s hand easily fell off his collar.


“Did you hear that she was elected as a princess this time?”



“And she was afraid of being dragged away again, so she came to her husband’s house.”


“Well, that’s right…”


No other explanation was needed.
With that one word, Gunwoong agreed to everything.
Suddenly his expression turned darker.


Because their country was weak, they had to go to the battlefield several times a year/ But no matter how many enemies they killed, it was not enough to protect this country completely.
Eventually, they still have to pay tribute to other countries; Territory and wealth, yes.


Humiliating diplomatic relations could only be endured, but for princesses, it’s the opposite.
However, they could only tremble in anger.
The young girls, who are so young, are taken to a far-off foreign country, and they won’t even know the life and death of those girls.
It was a lucky event if they were still alive somehow.


“I will go in after a while.”


“Oh, sister-in-law, just in time.” Haehwa knocked on the door.
She opened the door carefully and stepped inside, carrying a huge tray with her body.
Gunwoong quickly ran to take the tray and put it down.


“Why do sister-in-law bring this yourself? Then what if you break your weak arms?”


“Because a friend has come.”


“But who is your sister-in-law?” Cheongwoon, who was listening silently, lifted his eyes at his words.
Of course, there was only Gunwoong in his eyes.  And he responded as if it were natural.


“If it isn’t your wife, then should I be your brother-in-law, nya.”


 “Get your words right.


“My sister-in-law, I was born in a full moon earlier than him.”


“Did you forget that I’m the boss?” When these two distracting guys were scrambling about this, Haehwa can’t just watch and do nothing. 

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