Chapter 19


“Thank you very much.”


Two days were already enough time for rumors to circulate in the city.
It was said that a woman has finally entered General’s Yoo Family.
The commander, who was adhering alone, now had a woman.
However, after seeing the protagonist of the rumor in front of him, Gunwoong’s mouth almost falls off.


“…ahh, yeah…”


The big man was looking confused at the little girl, who didn’t even reach half of his height, and shook off his stiff body to bend his back.


Even Gunwoong, who is always free from dating and dealing with people of all ages, men and women, and adults, couldn’t help but feel awkward at his and Haehwa’s first meeting.
But unlike him.
Haehwa behaved lightly and guided Gunwoong into the house.


“I’m going to get some refreshment soon, so please enter the room first.”


Gunwoong, who came into the room with Cheongwoon, felt dazed until then.
When he managed to snap out of it, the first thing that came to him was laughter followed by another laughter.


“Pupsup, kkukkuk.” (sound of laughter XD)


What a funny situation.
It wasn’t funny that he had just followed the child’s words, but Cheongwoon was still doing what Haehwa told him to do without a word.
They said that his thick bones from the battlefield were now gone and were now smooth.


The more I thought about it, the more I laughed, Gunwoong hugged the pillow and rolled on the floor of the room.


So funny.
Great, great.
At that moment, I thought that she was living with me for a few years.
But I hate women like that.”

“Do you have that kind of taste? Well, that’s good enough.”


“No.” Cheingwoon tried to express his disapproval, but it was almost impossible to get through Gunwoong’s ears.
I said that there is nothing worth laughing at these days, and since that is the case, Gunwoong stopped laughing.
So tears hung at the corner of his eyes as he endured laughing.


“So how old is she? Fourteen?”




The air stilled for a moment.
Gunwoong’s body, who had been shaking with laughter as he touched his stomach for a long time, stiffened.
He woke up in no time and grabbed Cheongwoon’s collar. 


“That’s a child! No matter how prevalent early marriage is, this is too much!”

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