Chapter 18


“Come again.”


Don’t worry about this father.” 


“Good-bye, General.” Cheongwoon looks earnestly at me (Seongdeok).


I (Cheongwoon) nodded briefly toward Seongdeok.


After leaving Seongdeok, who was sending them off, they headed back to Cheongwoon’s house.
As Seongdeok was no longer visible, Haehwa carefully opened her mouth.


“Thank you for not telling him anything, General”


“… that’s what I can do.”




He also draws a line like this.
Haehwa, who had become gloomy, pouted her lips, and soon corrected her mind. 


Who is he? Isn’t he the General that is rumored to the whole town! I could never just give up like this.
All she wants is marriage! Haehwa clenched her little fist.


At some point, Cheongwoon was already striding ahead with his long leg.
Haehwa quickly followed him with her short legs.


“Come with me, General!”





It was two days later that Gunwoong visited Chungwoon.
He was a close comrade who had been on the battlefield for many years, and was also a renowned General of the coastal countries.
However, he was only a strange person until the end, and his sudden visit made Cheongwoon feel annoyed.


“Why did you come?”


“Oh huh.
Closing your doors as soon as you see me? This makes me sad.” Gunwoong shook his head sharply


With words, he made a sad expression.
However, this would not work on Cheongwoon.
It’s already been 10 years since I’ve known him.
I have an inkling as to why he would visit my house for no reason.
And indeed, surprisingly, Haehwa, who did not know where he was at the moment, ran straight at them.


“Good to see you, General.
I am Haewha, who has just become the daughter-in-law of Mr.
Yoo’s family.
It’s an honor to meet Cheongwoon’s friend like this!”


Cheongwoon’s thinned eyes turned to Haehwa for a moment at her brazenly self-introduction.
But Haehwa just shrugged off his gaze with an innocent laugh like she knew nothing.


“Ho Ho.
There would be many shortcomings, but in the future you can find me for help.”

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