Chapter 17


For Seongdeok, only in his daughter could he find comfort from harm.


“And you know that the bureaucrats don’t take married women.
And my husband is none other than the General”




This is General Yoon Cheongwoon! The invincible General, whose name could make the enemies tremble just by hearing his name!”




Seongdeok’s eyes grew big enough to pop out.
Surely, I didn’t even know that my daughter would bring such a big guy.


Then, it makes sense if he’s a General.
There are rumors that the General was not taking a wife, and it was very famous even in this small town, but no one knows if it’s true.


But it was that time of the year, if he just wanted to do that, and pass the time over, then…it’s not just a problem of who this person is anymore, since I would now become his wife’s father.
Seongdeok grabbed Cheongwoon’s hand on his knees.
Obviously, this guy won’t let my daughter be dragged away by the officers.
Seongdeok’s dry hands held Cheongwoon’s hand, who was struggling internally.


“Please take care of my daughter, General Sir!”


“No, I mean…” 


Seongdeok’s body trembled finely.
His daughter…


“During the day of her disappearance, I was worried that the child was taken away by the officers and I couldn’t sleep.
She is the daughter my wife had left and I raised her alone for more than three years.
How could I be far away from my daughter?”


“How could I send her to another country? If Haehwa is taken away this time, I will die as well.
I don’t want her to spend her meals in such a rough place and she can’t live there for a single day.”


Seongdeok burst into tears.
His sad eyes had tears dripping over the back of Cheongwoon’s hand.
“I know you’re not reluctant, even so, still, this father…she says that she has a General backing her up.
Please, please don’t throw her away.”


In response to such a desperate request, Cheongwoon did not say that he would return her after the recruitment period for princesses was over.
Seongdeok’s tears closed Cheongwoon’s mouth.
In the end he could only watch the father as he cried without a word.

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