Chapter 16


Can’t you just hide it secretly from my father and pretend?


‘Damn it.’


Even I didn’t understand why that kid prepared that table this morning! Without anyone reminding him, Cheongwoon politely apologized to Father in law while gritting his teeth.


“…I made a mistake…I…”


“Hmmm…oh, yes…what…”


“Let’s go inside and talk, yes?” Heahwa quickly dragged his father and Cheongwoon inside.
The inside of the house is different from what you see from the outside, but it was neatly arranged.
Heahwa, who came into the room, wouldn’t let go of her father’s hand and continued to mess with it.


“Father, take good care of yourself and eat your medicine, okay?”


“Don’t worry, I eat well.”


You seem to have skipped meals in a while, right? I told you to take care of yourself.”




He heard Haehwa’s words and his face seemed to become hazy, as if he had suffered too much.


“Don’t worry, even if I don’t eat one meal, it doesn’t affect me that much.”


Seongdeok held Haehwa’s hand tightly.
I can’t really believe it even if I’m looking at her right in front of my eyes.


Since there are no more women in the village to be taken as princesses, this year, Haehwa’s turn has come.
A junior manager, such as himself, even if they have emoney.
He still had to anxiously wonder when his daughter was going to be taken away.


“When the news about Haewha suddenly reached me, that she had been taken away by the officers…I thought I couldn’t touch her hand anymore.
If so, how can I close my eyes just because I feel sad?”

“Did you eat well?”


 “Yes, yes.
I must have gained weight now, look.”


Haehwa smiled and made Seongdeok hold her cheeks.
Even though she won’t gain weight in just one day, Seongdeok simply nodded in thanks for everything.
“Okay, that’s good, then.
If you have to do it, then you won’t be taken as a princess, right? Is it like that?”


“Nothing else mattered.
What if you starve to death? And what if your physical condition worsens due to you not taking medicine?”

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