Chapter 15


She said that she saw it in person, and Mrs.
Mo was in tears asking what he would do now.
Since that time, Seongdeok has been out on the road for a while.
“Why did you leave home then?”


Seeing my father like this, I wonder if I didn’t go to see him, he would have broken down by now.


“No, and I’m fine.
Oh, by the way, father, I am married.”


“…what?” Seongdeok’s mouth opened in surprise at her unexpected words.
Haehwa smiled at his father’s reaction.


“Now you can stop worrying about me being dragged away.”


No way…Only then did Seongdeok’s gaze turn to Cheongwoon, who was standing behind her.
Somehow, like she said, she brought someone, whom he didn’t know, home with her.


“Who…really? Is that him?” Seongdeok’s face, who quickly looked up and down at Cheongwoon with his eyes, turned dark.


“Hey, no matter how urgent it is, why did you bring such a grumpy person? Besides, he’s too old for you.”


That stiff face seemed to be a man with a lot of anger inside.
Seongeok, who didn’t even dream that he would be General Yoon Cheongwoon, shouted inside.


“You look old.
Why didn’t you get married before? Or maybe you’re hurt…”


“He said that he didn’t get married before.
It’s his first marriage.” 


Isn’t that a bigger problem? In this kind of era, these days you never get married at that age!


“Oh my dear, where on earth did you find such a person? Surely, is there something wrong with him? Like abusing women, or having a grotesque personality…”


“Hey, he has no problem, so don’t worry?”


Let’s just listen, let’s just listen, since I (Cheongwoon) don’t know when they will finish.
Just looking at the person next to her, when will it end? However, for the first time, Heahwa raised her voice, narrowing her eyebrows towards him.
Okay, this is definitely time to leave.


“Husband! What should I do to prove to your father-in-law that you’re a skillful adult! Without a habit!”


Husband? Father-in-law? Cheongwoon, who is a skillful adult, and has a desire to return right away became like a chimney.
Why did I even follow you here? Just leave? Should I? I know it’s going to be a fierce conflict, but please, Haehwa this time I asked you for one request…


Can’t you just hide it secretly to your father and pretend?


‘Damn it.’

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