Chapter 14


“Just bring it.
Your saliva will fall.”


“I will…really?”




“Then wait a minute!”


With a brightened face, Haehwa quickly brought a bowl of rice and a spoonful from the kitchen and placed it in front of her.


Cheongwoon was staring at her before eating.
She eats very well.
Looking at someone else’s table, she must have been hungry.
Looking back, the clothes she wore yesterday seemed to be from a grown up.


“Was it so delicious?”


“Yes! It’s been a long time since I ate rice.”


“…If you do, eat this too.”


Cheongwoon picks up the one in front of her with chopsticks and puts it on her rice.
Haehwa looked a little embarrassed and looked at the lean meat on her rice.


“Uh…over there is…the General’s…”




“Then, I’ll eat well then.” Haehwa gentle picked up the meat and put it in her mouth.
When she eats, she eat quietly and eagerly.
Cheongwoon looked at her with his chin propping in his hand.


Yes, let’s admit it, I’m not that reluctant.
Maybe because she often says things that would make others want to hit her, but she was cute and pretty.
Being a child has nothing to do with it.
And if she wasn’t born in this country, then she wouldn’t have to worry about early marriage.


Just like others of her age, being like that, she wouldn’t have to run…


So he watched her eat for a long time with a slightly complicated expression.







Haehwa’s house was located in a more remote place far away from the center of the city where the population is the highest.


As soon as he heard her voice, Seongdeok ran out from his room in haste barefooted.
He breathed out a sigh of relief only after checking back and forth to see if she had been hurt by any chance.


“Where are you injured? Mrs.
Mo next door said, well, that you were dragged away.”

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