Chapter 12


“Please, General.”




With a deep sigh, Cheongwoon finally agreed.
Haehwa’s face brightened from what he just said.


“I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Wow! Thank you really!”


There was a wrinkle between Cheongwoon’s brows.
It feels like the taste of the rice that he was just eating, in an instant became tasteless.
Where on earth should I correct this?


“Since that’s what you want, you can do it a little.”


At that moment I remembered the night before, especially the words that shocked me.
However, Haehwa smiled rather brightly and asked.
“Which one? Oh, sleeping?”


At this point, the shame that belongs to Cheongwoon and his headache, which he had forgotten for a moment, rises again.


“Are you not ashamed of being a girl?”


“It wasn’t embarrassing to be faithful to my Husband and my mother has taught me.”


Cheongwoon raised his eyebrows upward and said in a voice that was quite firm.
“Speak clearly.
No matter how hungry I am, I will never do it with a child as young as you.”


It was the time of selecting princess, so I had no choice but to return her when the period was over.
For twenty two years, although he fought bloody battles, it wasn’t enough to be with a twelve-years-old child. 


‘It’s a whopping ten years gap!’


Early marriage became a custom in this era, but that is a story of two children marrying each other.
Having already passed the age of marriage, he was an exception.


“Did you understand? Answer.”


Cheongwoon tried to be fierce with his impressions, but Haehwa did not even appreciate it.
Rather, without fear, she hung up more.


“I will be big soon!”


“Are you just twelve years old now? Oh, you just avoided me?”


“…yes.” She answered one beat slower. 


It’s not that Cheongwoon doesn’t understand her meaning.
First of all, I was telling the truth just now.
The fact that this blind girl just sneaked away from my gaze.


“I lied again.
I didn’t tell the truth.”

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