Chapter 10


He went out to battle this time only to pretend to be a vanguard and secretly enter into a secret agreement with other countries.
I only thought about the time when my country would be able to get out of this miserable situation.
And finally, I really started to see the opportunity to get out of the current situation.


At most 10 years.
Within it, he was about to see the end somehow.


In the morning, as if Haehwa waited for him, the breakfast table was already neatly prepared in front of Cheongwoon.


“Are you up? Then have breakfast, okay?”


“What is this?”

“Why did this kid sit on my breakfast table?”


It was questionable, but I noticed that there were some unfamiliar side dishes on the table.
Basically, these are foods that weren’t eaten well in this house (it’s food for the poor).
Cheongwoon, staring at the table, threw his gaze at Haehwa.


“No way… did you do it?”


I don’t know if it will fit your mouth.”


“What are the servants doing?”


“I learned from my mother that cooking is the most basic attitude of a wife.
So, on this occasion, I am going to show the General that I am the perfect wife to be married to.”


Everyone else is a perfect wife.
It was doubtful, but for now, Cheongwoon gently lifted a spoon.
It looks pretty good, but…


First, Cheongwoon, who had a spoonful of soup, frowned before swallowing the soup down his throat.
Then, is this what I was concerned about in reality?


“Why are you silent?”

Does it taste so weird?” Haehwa blinked her big eyes in embarrassment.


“I don’t want to have any liver.”


“Uh…that…my father was sick, so, I always made it like that, but…I guess it became a habit.
I will do it again.”


“It’s done.
Let’s just eat.”


Haehwa tries to get up quickly, but Cheongwoon makes her sit down again.


(Little trivia! Liver is the most nutritional food in the world! Single serving of liver can already meet your daily recommended nutrition!)

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